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Breast Cancer - Risk Factors of Breast Cancer - About.com
There are many risk factors for developing breast cancer. Genetics, lifestyle and general health all play an important role in whether you develop the disease.
Cancer Causes and Risk Factors - Cancer Prevention - About.com
Most people don't realize that cancer is preventable in many cases. Learning what causes cancer and what the risk factors are is the first step in cancer ...
Lung Cancer - Causes and Risk Factors of Lung Cancer - About.com
Smoking tobacco is responsible for about 80% of lung cancer cases. It is by far the most dangerous risk factor. Smoking cigarettes aren't the only culprit; cigars, ...
Family Cancer Syndromes - American Cancer Society
Jun 25, 2014 ... Sometimes, this is because family members have certain risk factors in common ... Only about 5% to 10% of all cancers result directly from gene ...
Risk Factors for Laryngeal Cancer - Heartburn / GERD - About.com
Aug 6, 2014 ... People with certain risk factors are more likely to get cancer of the larynx. A risk factor is anything that increases your chance of developing this ...
Cancer- Causes and Risk Factors of Cancer
Causes and Risk Factors of Cancer. Cancer can be caused by genetics, lifestyle choices, and exposure to certain environmental hazards. Knowing the causes ...
Cervical Cancer Risk Factors and Prevention
May 7, 2014 ... There are several risk factors for cervical cancer. Some risk factors can be avoided, but unfortunately some cannot. Discover the risk factor for ...
Cervical Cancer - Do I Have Risk Factors for Cervical Cancer?
Cervical cancer risk factors explained. Learn the facts about who is at high risk of developing cervical cancer.
Liver Cancer - Liver Cancer Causes and Risk Factors - About.com
An in depth listing of the causes and risk factors for adult liver cancer.
Colon Cancer Risk Factors - What Are the Top Nine Colon Cancer ...
Jun 27, 2014 ... Many of the top nine colon cancer risk factors are things you can change. Take the steps needed for better health and eliminate many of your ...
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