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Carcinogens in Cigarettes: How They Cause Cancer - About Cancer
Jan 29, 2013 ... It is a medical fact that smoking is a very high risk factor fro cancer. Cigarettes contain many carcinogens that are known to cause cancer .In this ...
What Is a Carcinogen? - Lung Cancer - About.com
Examples of carcinogens include cancer causing chemicals, viruses, and ... Lung cancer can result from exposure to carcinogens in tobacco, as well as other ...
Carcinogen - What is a Carcinogen - About Cancer
Sep 3, 2013 ... Many chemical additives in cigarettes are considered to be carcinogenic, which greatly increases the risk of many types of cancer in people ...
Definition of Carcinogen - Smoking Cessation - About.com
Mar 20, 2014 ... A carcinogen can be any substance that has the characteristic of causing or making cancer worse.
Health Hazards of Barbecue Carcinogens - Chemistry - About.com
May 5, 2013 ... Learn about the health hazards of carcinogens found in barbecue.
Alcohol Listed as Known Carcinogen - Alcoholism - About.com
For the first time alcoholic beverages have been listed as a known human carcinogen by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.
Carcinogens in Cancer - What is a Carcinogen
Oct 1, 2012 ... A carcinogen causes cancer. Find out what a carcinogen is.
Carcinogens From Cigarette Smoke Found in Babies Urine
Feb 7, 2013 ... According to Hecht: "NNAL is an accepted biomarker for uptake of the tobacco- specific carcinogen NNK. You don't find NNAL in urine except in ...
Cigarette Ingredients and Additives Toxic Carcinogens
The ingredients and additives in cigarettes when burned, create toxic, harmful chemical compounds. Over 40 known carcinogens are present in cigarette smoke.
5 Ways to Reduce Carcinogens in Cooked Meat - Alternative Medicine
May 13, 2013 ... Here are 5 ways to reduce carcinogens formed during the cooking of meat.
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