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Cervical Cancer Treatment Options - About.com
Several cervical cancer treatment options are available today, including surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. Find out which treatment is best, when.
Cervical Cancer Treatment - Chemotherapy - Radiation Therapy
Three treatments methods are commonly used to treat cervical cancer: surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy. Sometimes they are used alone, and ...
Cervical Cancer Treatment - About.com
Cervical cancer is treated though three methods: surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy. Learn more about these cervical cancer treatment methods, ...
Cervical Cancer Treatment - About.com
Aug 21, 2013 ... Learn more about cervical cancer treatment. There are several treatment options available for cerical cancer from hysterectomy to ...
Cervical Cancer Treatment - Chemotherapy Drugs
Apr 22, 2014 ... Depending on the stage of cervical cancer, a doctor may prescribe chemotherapy for treatment. Chemotherapy commonly accompanies ...
Radiation Therapy for Cervical Cancer - About.com
Apr 22, 2014 ... Radiation therapy is a common treatment method for cervical cancer. Discover what radiation therapy is, how it used to combat cervical cancer, ...
What Is Cervical Cancer? - About.com
Jul 1, 2014 ... Cervical cancer can be treated in several ways. The type of cervical cancer and the stage of the disease greatly affect what treatment methods ...
Treatment for Cervical Cancer - Health Topics A-Z - About.com
Treatment for Cervical Cancer. In contrast to CIN, cervical cancer represents true invasion of cells beyond the epithelium into surrounding tissue. Cervical cancer ...
Cervical Cancer Advice from About.com
Credible advice about the treatment, symptoms, diagnosis and prevention of cervical cancer, including HPV,cervical dysplasia, and more.
Cervical Cancer Survival Rates by Stage - About.com
Jun 6, 2014 ... Stage IA: This is microinvasive, or very early cervical cancer. The five-year survival rate ranges from 96 to 99 percent. Treatment options for ...
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