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Diagnosis of Lung Cancer - Tests and Scans - About.com
How do you diagnose lung cancer? Lung cancer is often suspected after an abnormal spot is found on a chest x-ray done to evaluate a cough or chest pain.
Medical Tests for Diagnosing Cervical Cancer - About.com
Diagnosing cervical cancer involves a series of medical tests and procedures. Each test reveals more about the cervix and helps to confirm diagnosis. Once a ...
Diagnosing Liver Cancer - About.com
May 25, 2006 ... Learn what tests and medical procedures are involved in diagnosing liver cancer.
Thyroid Cancer Diagnosing Procedures and Tests - Thyroid Disease
Jun 25, 2014 ... Diagnosis of thyroid cancer typically involves a number of procedures and tests, including a physical exam, biopsy, fine needle aspiration ...
Diagnosing Cancer in Dogs - About.com
What tests are needed to determine if a dog has cancer? Find out how veterinarians diagnose cancer in dogs.
Laryngeal Cancer Diagnosis - Diagnosing ... - Heartburn / GERD
Sep 11, 2007 ... If your doctor suspects you may have cancer of the larynx, he or she may want one or more of the following exams done.
Process of Diagnosing Cervical Cancer - About.com
Jun 9, 2014 ... Diagnosing cervical cancer involves a series of exams and medical tests. From cervical cancer symptoms to cervical cancer stages, here you ...
Diagnosing Stomach Cancer - Heartburn / GERD - About.com
Aug 22, 2013 ... These are the tests that are routinely used when diagnosing the presence of stomach cancer.
Skin Cancer Diagnosis, Including Biopsies and Staging
The only way to definitively diagnose the various types of skin cancer is to biopsy suspicious-looking lesions. Useful information, such as tumor depth, can only ...
Diagnosing Lung Cancer - Senior Health - About.com
Information about diagnosing lung cancer. : cell lung cancer diagnosing lung cancer chest x ray mucus in the lungs detecting lung cancer.
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