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The Hoxsey Method: Alternative Cancer Treatment


Updated July 09, 2009

What is the Hoxsey Method?

The Hoxsey Method is an herbal regimen developed for the treatment of cancer. It consists of using both an internal and external treatment using a naturopathic combination of herbs to cleanse the body of toxins and rid it from cancer cells.

While no clinical studies have been done to prove that the treatment works, a study done on some animals treated with the Hoxsey method showed a regression of their cancer.

How Does The Hoxsey Method Work?

The Hoxsey Method in use today combines a mixture of herbs into either a liquid form for internal treatment, or a paste for use externally. Patients taking the internal treatment claim that it removes toxins from the body and strengthens the immune system, which in turn decreases the size of tumors and eventually causes them to disappear.

The external treatment in paste form is rubbed onto tumors, but the mixture of herbs used has been known to cause severe burning of the skin.

There are also side effects from taking the treatment internally. Some of the herbs used, such as Pokeweed, can cause nausea, diarrhea, heart blockage and even death in children.

How was The Hoxsey Method Developed?

The Hoxsey Method was developed in the 1920's by Harry Hoxsey, who claimed his grandfather had discovered the beginnings of the treatment when one of his horses who grazed on plantlife in their field, had a tumor that disappeared. After mixing these plants with other remedies thought to cure cancer, the Hoxsely Method was born. Harry Hoxsey marketed and sold The Hoxsley Method to people suffering from cancer.

It is interesting to note that Harry Hoxsey had no medical experience and when he developed prostate cancer later in life, the Hoxsey Method had no affect on his health and he sought professional treatment.

How to Get The Hoxsey Method as an Alternative Treatment

Today, the Hoxsey Method is illegal in the United States, but in Tijuana, Mexico, a Hoxsey Method clinic still runs today by the sister of one of Harry Hoxsey's former nurses.

An out-patient only clinic, the cost for treatment is about $3,500 with patients responsible for all costs.

Mexico is now the only place where the original Hoxsey Method can be obtained, though some naturopathic practitioners in the U.S. have adapted a form of the treatment that can be legally administered.
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