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Anal Cancer

Anal cancer is a disease that affects about 4000 people each year. A look into the causes, how to prevent it, symptoms and treatment information about the disease.
  1. Anal Cancer Treatment (6)

I feel ashamed that I have anal cancer. What can I do to stop feeling shame?
Read more about overcoming the shame and embarrassment that may come with being diagnosed with a disease like anal cancer.

Anal Cancer - What is Anal Cancer?
What is anal cancer? Explore the basics of anal cancer, including the causes, symptoms, prevention and treatment of the disease.

Anal Cancer Prevention
Learn how to prevent anal cancer. There are many ways a person can prevent anal cancer.

What is Cancer?
Learning how cancer develops and spreads provides a greater understanding to the nature of your disease.

Anal Cancer Overview
Explore what anal cancer is and key informattion such as statisics, symptoms, prevention and treatment of anal cancer.

Anal Cancer Risk Factors
Anal cancer is a disease that effects the anus. There are several risk factors for the disease, including age, HPV, and smoking. Learn more abut the risk factors of anal cancer and how to prevent it.

Symptoms of Anal Cancer
Anal cancer is a disease with many common symptoms. Symptoms include bowel changes, and anal pain. Learn the other symptoms for detection of anal cancer.

Anal Papilloma Screening
Is anal papilloma screening beneficial? Does anal paps save lives?

The Dangers of Anal Cancer
While the symptoms are subtle at first, eventually anal cancer can be a killer if not treated. Let's look at the facts about anal cancer....

Anal Cancer Treatment Options
From the National Cancer Institute- treatment methods for anal cancer.

Blood In Stool
Finding blood in your stool or in the toilet or on tissue after you wipe can be alarming. Learn what causes blood in stools, how it can be related to cancer, and what you should tell your doctor.

Anal Dysplasia
Anal cancer is commonly caused by HPV. In this article, learn more about anal dysplasia and how it is diagnosed and treated.

Anal Pap Smear

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