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Anal Cancer: Risk Factors

Explore the Risk Factors of Anal Cancer and How To Prevent It


Updated July 17, 2009

Anal cancer is a disease that affects about 4,000 people each year. It is estimated that 620 people will die from the disease this year.

There are many risk factors of anal cancer. Learning what the risks are allows for easier prevention!

Anal Cancer Risk Factors

  • smoking cigarettes
  • infection of HPV virus
  • receiving anal intercourse
  • abnormal openings in or around the anus (fistulas)
  • having multiple sexual partners
  • being over 50 years of age
  • anal swelling, redness or soreness that occurs frequently

These risk factors are also risk factors for many other types of cancers. Avoiding these factors decreases the chance of developing not only anal cancer, but many other cancers, too!
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