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I have stage IIA breast cancer. What are my chances of survival?


Updated April 21, 2007

Question: I have stage IIA breast cancer. What are my chances of survival?
Answer: Prognosis and survival rate can depend on a great many things. Type of cancer, treatments, lifestyle, and genetics all play a very important role in being a cancer survivor.

There are statistics available that sum up survival rates by breast cancer stage. The following are based on studies of a 5 year survival rate.

  • Stage 0: 100%

  • Stage I:100%

  • Stage IIA: 92%

  • Stage IIB:81%

  • Stage IIIA:67%

  • Stage IIIB:54%

  • Stage IV:20%

These statistics are from the American College of Surgeons National Cancer Data Base and are based on patients diagnosed from 1995-1998.

These figures represent a five or more year survival rate of breast cancer. Death may have occurred from another cause.

New treatment for breast cancer have surfaced since this study was completed, so the numbers may be somewhat lower than what they are now.

Keep in mind that the best source for prognosis information is your physician.
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