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6 Breast Cancer Symptoms that Most Women Don't Know About


Updated April 05, 2014

Breast that is warm to the touch:

A breast that always feel warm, sometimes hot to the touch is a symptom of inflammatory breast cancer, a dangerous and rare type od the disease.

Flat or inverted nipple:

A nipple that is flat or inverted is also a symptom of breast cancer. This does not include having an inverted nipple since birth.

A breast that is often itchy:

If you have itchy breasts or nipples, talk to your doctor. These are both symptoms of breast cancer.

The skin around the breast is dimpled or looks like an orange peel:

Breast and surrounding skin can take on a dimpled appearance, looking like an orange peel. Many women are too embarassed to show a doctor, thinking it is cellulite or from being overweight. This is not the case.

Swollen or breast that does not change with menstrual cycle or size increase:

It's normal for a woman's breast to become swollen and tender during a normal menstrual cycle, but when it's constant, it need to be evaluated by a doctor. Women also need to be aware of a sudden breast size increase.

Breast that is red or blotchy:

A breast that is red or blotchy, even having a rash-like appearance should be evaluated by a doctor. It is a symptom of inflammatory breast cancer. Inflammatory breast cancer is a type of cancer that is often undected by a mammogram and self breast exam.

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