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Women's Cancers

Just being a woman puts you at risk for cancer. There are many cancers that affect only women. Learn the causes and how to prevent them. Articles also discuss treatment options, side effects and managing everyday life when you have a gynecologic cancer.
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  2. Fallopian Tube Cancer (2)
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  4. Ovarian Cancer (37)
  5. Uterine Cancer (10)
  6. Vaginal Cancer (9)
  7. Vulvar Cancer (6)

Gynecologic Cancer
Have you been diagnosed with a type of gynecologic cancer? Please share your experiences with diagnosis and treatment and how it has affected your life.See submissions

What is Forced Menopause?
Women who undergoing cancer treatment sometimes undergo forced or surgical menopause. Learn what surgical menopause is and what to expect.

Going to the Gynecologist - What Do You Hate About Going to t…
What do you hate about going to the gynecologist? Share your pet peeves about going to visit the gynecologist and read others' responses.

Gynecologic Cancer - What is Gynecologic Cancer?
What is gynecologic cancer? Gynecologic cancer is a group of cancers that affect women. Learn the types, causes, symptoms, and treatment of gynecologic cancer.

6 Cancer Screening Tests for Women
Several cancer screening tests are available for women for a variety of cancers. Discover what cancer screening tests are recommended for women and when they should be tested.

Things Women Can do to Prevent Cancer
Learn how women can overall reduce their risk of cancer. Women can suffer from several types of cancer.

Cancer Symptoms Women Need to Know
A listing of symptoms of cancer that women need to be concerned about.

The Pelvic Exam: What Women Need to Know
Learn what to expect during a pelvic exam, what doctors can find and and when to have a pelvic exam.

Cancer Symptoms - Pelvic Pain
Pelvic pain is a symptom of many types of cancer, including gynecologic cancer. Learn what ma be causing the pain and what you can do about it.

Cancer Symptoms - Abnormal Vaginal Bleeding
Abnormal vaginal bleeding can be a symptom of cancer. Learn more about vaginal bleeding and cancer in this article.

Gynecological Cancers- Types of Cancers that Affect Women
Gynecological cancer is a cancer that affects the

Ovary Pain
Most women experience ovary pain at some times in their lives. What do you do when it becomes persistent? Learn the causes of ovary pain and when you should seek medical treatment.

Itchy Breasts - Is It a Symptom of Breast Cancer?
Learn more about breast itchiness, which can be a symptom of a rare form of breast cancer.

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