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Celebrities and Cancer

A tribute to celebrities who have fought and survived or died of cancer.
  1. 2000-2009 Health Turnaround (16)

Dennis Hopper Prostate Cancer
Learn more about Dennis Hopper's battle with prostate cancer -- one many say that the star is losing.

Celebrities We Lost to Cancer 2000-2009
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Frrah Fawcett's Battle with Anal Cancer
Hollywood actress Farrah Fawcett was diagnosed with anal cancer in 2006 and continues to fight the disease. Learn more about her diagnosis and what treatments she has chosen.

Patrick Swayze and Pancreatic Cancer
Hollywood star Patrick Swayze was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2008. Learn how the actor was diagnosed and is being treated for pancreatic cancer.

Celebrities with Cancer
Learn more about celebrities who have been diagnosed with cancer in this celebrities with cancer photo gallery.

Ken Griffey Jr.'s Parents Diagnosed with Cancer
Learn more about Ken Griffey Jr.'s parents' battle with cancer.

Earl Woods, Tiger Woods' Dad, Dead of Prostate Cancer
New report of the death of Earl Woods, Tiger Woods' father.

Julia Thorne, Ex Wife of John Kerry Dead at 61
News reports of the death of Julia Thorne, ex-wife of Sen. John Kerry.

Celebrities With Cancer
Cancer does not discriminate! Learn the faces of cancer, including celebrities! Learn celebrities diagnosed with cacner and those who have died of the disease.

Did the Marloboro Man Die of Lung Cancer?
Facto or fiction? Did the famed Marlboro Man die of lung cancer, a disease causes by smoking?

ABC Broadcaster Peter Jennings Dies of Lung Cancer
Peter Jennings, died Sunday, August 7, at his home of lung cancer. Article highlight Jennings life and accomplishments, and also tell about his battle with lung cancer.

Sheryl Crow Diagnosed with Breast Cancer
Singer Cherly Crow has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Find out what type of breast cancer she ha and what the treatment she will go through.

Dana Reeve Dies of Lung Cancer
Dana Reeve, wife of late actor Christopher Reeve, has dies from lunf cancer.

In Memoriam - Cancer Deaths in 2005
Look back to celebrities and other famous people we lost in 2005 from death of cancer.

Famous Breast Cancer Survivors
A look into celberity and famous breast cancer survivors.

Celebrities Who Have Died of Lung Cancer
Explore what famous people and other celebrities that have dies of lung cancer.

Famous Prostate Cancer Survivors
Ever wonder what celebrities and other famous people battled prostate cancer and lived to tell? Explore famous prostate cancer survivors here in this comprehensive list.

Edie Falco - Breast Cancer
Celebrity profile of Edie Falco and her journey with breast cancer. Edie Falco plays Carmella Soprano on the hit show "The Sopranos".

June Pointer of the Pointer Sisters
A look into the cancer death of June Pointer, a member of the Pointer Sisters group.

Christopher Hitchens and His Battle with Esophageal Cancer
Author Christopher Hitchens has been diagnosed with esophageal cancer. Learn more about his plight with cancer and how he is coping.

Michael Douglas and His Throat Cancer Diagnosis
Learn more about Michael Douglas and his diagnosis with throat cancer. The 65 year old actor was diagnosed with throat cancer is expected to undergo chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

Ann Romney and Breast Cancer
Ann Romney was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008. Learn more about her battle with the disease and how she was diagnosed.

Celebrities with Pancreatic Cancer
Learn which celebrities have been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

Olympians Who Battled Cancer
Meet 10 Olympians who not only battled for the gold, but also against cancer.

Shannon Miller's Ovarian Cancer Battle
Learn about 7 time Olympic medalist Shannon Miller's journey with ovarian cancer.

Sofia Vergara: Thyroid Cancer Survivor
Actress Sofia Vergara was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2000. Learn more about her diagnosis and treatment in this article.

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