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Paul Newman

January 26, 1925 – September 26, 2008


Updated December 21, 2009

Paul Newman
Getty Images/Christian Petersen
When pictures began to surface in 2008 of a fragile looking Paul Newman, the media began to speculate that the Hollywood icon was ill. No public statement was ever made regarding his health, but rumors began to circulate that the star was battling cancer and only had weeks to live. His publicist squashed the rumors through statements claiming that the actor was in good health.

Today we know that Paul Newman had been secretly battling lung cancer. Newman was a private man in life, so it comes as no surprise as he would want to spend his last days privately, as well. In September 2008, he lost his battle with cancer at his farmhouse in Connecticut. According to several news reports, Newman was given only weeks to live and chose to die at his home.

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