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Sheryl Crow Diagnosed with Breast Cancer


Updated July 08, 2009

Updated July 08, 2009
Singer Sheryl Crow has been diagnosed with breast cancer. She underwent surgery on Wednesday and will have radiation treatments as a precaution.

It was not released when the star was officially diagnosed, however it has been said that the surgery was minimally. Crow released this statement about her diagnosis:

"Approximately 1 in 7 American women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime and more than 2 million Americans are living with breast cancer today. I am joining the more than 200,000 women who will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year.

We are a testament to the importance of early detection and new treatments. I encourage all women everywhere to advocate for themselves and for their future. See your doctor and be proactive about your health.

More than 10 million Americans are living with cancer, and they demonstrate the ever-increasing possibility of living beyond cancer. I am inspired by the brave women who have faced this battle before me and grateful for the support of family and friends."

Crow is no stranger to cancer, especially with her previous relationship with cancer survivor/cyclist Lance Armstrong. She also participated in the "Rock Against Breast Cancer" concert in 2000.

Her spokesman said that her North American tour would be postponed and hopefully rescheduled. The tour was to begin in April.

Her prognosis is excellent according to her doctors, added her spokesman. Update: Crow underwent a lumpectomy and seven weeks of radiation therapy and her cancer is now in remission.

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