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Famous Celebrity Breast Cancer Survivors


Updated June 17, 2014

Breast cancer does not discriminate. Celebrities and other famous people are at risk also. This list defines celebrities that have survived breast cancer.

Famous Breast Cancer Survivors

Edie Falco
Sopranos star Edie Falco was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2003, and secretly battled it.

Melissa Etheridge
Diagnosed in 2004 with breast cancer, Etheridge is doing well.

Gloria Steinem
Activist Steinem discovered a lump in 1986.

Kate Jackson
2 time survivor Kate Jackson battled cancer in 1987 and in 1989. She is recognized as one of the most famous of the "angels" in "Charlie's Angels".

Olivia Newton John
Famous singer and actress was diagnosed 1992, underwent a mastectomy and breast reconstruction.

Richard Rountree
Shaft star is proof that breast cancer affects men, too. Rountree was diagnosed in 1993, had a radical mastectomy and rounds of chemotherapy.

Jaclyn Smith
Charlie's Angels star, Smith discovered a lump in 2002. Treatment included a lumpectomy and radiation.

Suzanne Somers
Actress and author Suzanne Somers was the source of much controversy when she decided to forgo standard treatment and opted alternative therapy and holistic medicine instead.

Rue McClanahan
Star of the hit sitcom "Golden Girls, Rue McClanahan became a survivor in 1997, after finding a pea sized lump in her breast.

Linda Ellerbee
Journalist and now survivor, Ellerbee found a lump in 1991 and treated with a bi-lateral mastectomy.

Jill Eikenberry
L.A Law star discovered a lump in 1986 and chose a lumpectomy for treatment.

More Celebrity Breast Cancer Survivors

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