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Famous Celebrity Breast Cancer Survivors


Updated June 17, 2014

More Celebrity Breast Cancer Survivors

Ann Jillian
Actress turned motivational speaker, tours recounting her journey with breast cancer.

Sandra Day O’Connor

Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor battled breast cancer in 1982. She was treated with a mastectomy, and returned to work 6 days later.

Lynn Redgrave
Actress and author, Redgrave is the sister to Vanessa Redgrave. She is also the aunt of actresses Miranda Richardson and Jolie Richardson. More importantly is a breast cancer survivor.

Cokie Roberts
A diagnostic mammogram revealed a tumor in Robert's left breast. It was initially found by her doctor. A lumpectomy was the treatment method.

Shirley Temple Black
Child actress, Shirley Temple found a lump in 1972, and had a mastectomy.

The singer was diagnosed in 2003 and now raises breast cancer awareness since becoming a survivor.
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