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In Memoriam: Celebrities We Lost to Cancer in 2005


Updated August 08, 2010

Peter Jennings:

Peter Jennings died from lung cancer in August. He was best known for his news broadcasting at ABC.

Anne Bancroft:

Anne Bancroft ended her battle with uterine cancer in June of 2005. The actress, is best remembered for her role as "Mrs. Robinson" in "The Graduate" and in her role in "The Miracle Worker".

Bob Denver:

Bob Denver, who played Gilligan, on the famed series "Gilligan's Island" succumbed to throat cancer in September. He was 70.

Johnnie Cochran:

Johnnie Cochran died of brain cancer in March. He became famous when he represented O.J Simpson in the murder trial of Simpson's wife. Cochran went on to represent several other celebrities.

Chief Justice William Rehnquist:

William Rehnquist died of thyroid cancer in September, almost a year after his diagnosis with the disease. He continued his work on the bench up until the time of his death. He was 80.

Barbara Bel Geddes:

Barbara Bel Geddes is most remembered for his role on Dallas as Miss Ellie Ewing. She died of lung cancer at age 82 in her Maine home this past August.

Wendie Jo Sperber:

The Bosom Buddies co-star succumbed to breast cancer in December. Sperber starred opposite Tom Hanks on the 80's television series. She had battled breast cancer since 1987.

August Wilson:

August Wilson died of liver cancer in October of this year. The playwright, is the first African American to have a Broadway theater named after.

Nipsey Russel:

Comedian Nipsey Russell died of stomach cancer in October. Russell was in television the show such as Car 54: Where are You? and appeared in films as well.

We Also Remember...:

Stan Berenstain, co-creator of the Berenstain Bears

Chris LeDoux. country star bile duct cancer,

Vincent Shiavelli, actor, lung cancer
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