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Chemotherapy Side Effects

Unfortunately, there are many side effects of chemotherapy. Learn what to expect with side effects, when to call your doctor, and how to combat side effects.

How to Choose a Chemotherapy Wig
Losing your hair to chemotherapy can be devastating. Learn how to choose a wig to help cope with hair loss and boost self-esteem.

Chemotherapy Nausea - How Have You Managed Nausea Caused By C…
How have you managed chemotherapy caused by nausea? Share your nausea fighting tips with others experiencing the same side effect of treatment.

I Lost My Hair During Chemotherapy
Have you experienced hair loss caused by chemotherapy? Share your chemotherapy hair loss journey and read others' stories about it. You can also submit your pre/during chemotherapy photos.

Cancer Fatigue - How Have You Fought Cancer Fatigue
Cancer fatigue is a common with people who have cancer. Chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and daily stress are all culprits. How have you dealt with cancer fatigue? Share you tips with others with cancer and read their responses.

Vaginal Dryness During Cancer Treatment
Vaginal dryness can be a common side effects of cancer treatment in women. Learn why vaginal dryness occurs and how to combat it.

When do you start losing your hair when going through chemotherapy?
A reader asks when she should expect to start losing her hair during chemotherapy.

Using Vaginal Estrogen to Combat Vaginal Dryness
Vaginal dryness can be a side effect of chemotherapy and radiation therapy to the pelvis. Learn how to cope with vaginal dryness and what medications are available to combat it during treatment.

Marinol: A Good Alternative to Medicinal Marijuana?
For those who don't have access or interest in medicinal marijuana, Marinol may be a suitable alternative. Learn the pros and cons of Marinol and more about the synthetic THC drug.

Low Sex Drive During Cancer Treatment
Low libido can be the result of cancer treatment medications or other psychological effects of cancer. Learn how to cope with a low libido and ways you can boost it.

Chemotherapy and Low White Blood Cell Counts

Medicinal Marijuana - Have You Found Relief with Medicinal Marijuana
Many people undergoing cancer treatment have found relief from side effects by using medicinal marijuana. Do you live in a state that has a medicinal marijuana program? Have you found relief?

Medicinal Marijuana and Cancer Treatment
Cancer patients are often plagued with chronic treatment side effects that severely affect their quality of life. Many turn to medicinal marijuana for relief as opposed to traditional medicine. Learn more about how cancer patients use medicinal marijuana and why more states are legalizing its use.

Losing Your Eyebrows to Chemotherapy
Losing you eyebrows to chemotherapy can be devastating. Here's what you can do if they begin to think or completely fall out.

Chemotherapy - How Has Chemotherapy Affected Your Sexuality
Cancer treatment affects the body in many ways - sexuality included. How did chemotherapy affect your sexuality? What did you do to combat it? Share your chemotherapy experience and read others' responses.

Using Latisse for Eyelash Loss
Latisse may be an option for both men and women who have lost their eyelashes to chemotherapy. The FDA approved drug helps lash regrowth, thickening, and darkening.

10 Ways to Help a Friend with Hand-Foot Syndrome
Hand-foot syndrome can be a common side effects of some chemotherapy medications. In its mildest and most common form, it can cause itchy, red, dry, and swollen hands and feet. At its most severe, it can cause skin peeling and severe pain, which can be debilitating for daily living activies. Prevention is key the progression and HFS and there are many things the patient and friends/family can do …

Will I Lose My Eyelashes During Chemotherapy?
Hair loss can be a common side effect of chemotherapy. This can also include eyelashes. Learn how eyelashes fall victim to chemotherapy and what you can do about it.

Hand-Foot Syndrome
Hand-foot syndrome is a side effects of many type of cancer drugs. Learn what hand-t foot syndrome is, how to prevent it, and how it is treated.

Capecitabine and Losing Your Fingerprints
Recently, a traveler entering the United States was detained for having no fingerprints. The cause was a side effect of taking capecitabine, a chemotherapy drug. A reader asks if taking capecitabine will make her lose fingerprints, too.

Vaginal Yeast Infections and Chemotherapy
Yeast infections are common on women, even if they are not taking chemotherapy drug. Women who are undergoing chemotherapy treatment are more prone to vaginal yeast infections.

Cancer Related Fatigue
Cancer related fatigue is the number one side effect reported by cancer patients. Learn simple tips in reducing fatigue and saving energy.

Unable to Concentrate? Forgetful? It May be Chemo Brain!
Chemo Brain is a loose term for a decline in cognitive abilities following chemotherapy. People with chemo brain complain of forgetfulness, low attention spans, and difficulty concentrating. Learn more about chemo brain and how to manage it.

Dry Skin and Chemotherapy
Dry skin is often a side effect of chemotherapy treatment. Learn how to prevent and manage dry skin during chemotherapy.

Lorazepam, or Ativan by its trade name, is sometimes prescribed for cancer patients to prevent nausea and vomiting following chemotherapy. Learn what lorazepam is, how it can help cancer patients, and side effect information.

Hair Regrowth After Chemotherapy
Hair loss is a common side effect of chemotherapy. Discover when to expect hair regrowth following chemotherapy, and changes that hair may incur after treatment has ended.

Chemotherapy and Your Nails
Most people don't realize that chemotherapy can affect their nails. Learn how nails are affected and what can be done to prevent and relieve damage caused to nails by chemotherapy.

Chemotherapy and Constipation
Some patients experience constipation during chemotherapy for a variety of reasons. Learn how to prevent and safely treat constipation during chemotherapy.

Chemotherapy and Your Mouth
Chemotherapy can cause a variety of side effects, include oral effects. Learn what oral side side effects can occur from chemotherapy, how to prevent them, and what you can do to relieve oral complications.

Insurance and Wigs
A wig or hair piece can be a major expense for many patients who have lost their hair to chemotherapy. This FAQ discusses insurance coverage and other financial options for those suffering from chemotherapy induced hair loss.

Preparing for Chemotherapy-Induced Hair Loss
If you are about to go through chemotherapy that may cause hair loss, read these tips about how to prepare for hair loss. Preparing for hair loss beforehand can help you to cope.

Hair Loss and Chemotherapy
Hair loss can be a devastating side effect of chemotherapy treatment. Learn what you can do about hair during chemotherapy and tipd for managing your hair.

Recognizing the Signs of Dehydration
Dehydration can occur as a result of vomiting and diarrhea during chemotherapy. Learn the signs of dehydration to avoid an emergency situation.

Managing Diarrhea During Chemotherapy
Side effects of chemotherapy often include diarrhea. Article features tips on how to manage diarrhea during chemotherapy.

Chemotherapy Side Effects and How to Prevent Them
Many cancer patients experience side effects with chemotherapy. Learn the side effects and techniques and medications to prevent and combat them.

Nausea and Chemotherapy - How to Manage Nausea During Chemotherapy
Nausea is a side effect of most types of chemotherapy. Learn how to combat nausea during chemotherapy treatment with these easy tips.

Sexual Side Effects of Chemotherapy
There are quite side effects of chemotherapy, incluing sexual side effects. Although side effects do not affect everyone, many people experience them when going through chemotherapy. Learn how your sexuality may be affected during chemotherapy.

What should I do about acid reflux during chemotherapy?
Acid reflux can be a side effect of chemotherapy. Learn more about acid reflux and what to do if you have it during chemotherapy treatment.

Acid Reflux During Chemotherapy - Help for Acid Reflux During…
Acid reflux can be a side effect of chemotherapy. Share your tips for combating acid reflux during chemotherapy and check out how fellow readers have coped with acid reflux.

Taste Changes During Chemotherapy
Has food lost its taste during chemotherapy? If so, you are not alone. Almost 50 percent of people undergoing cancer treatment experience taste changes. Learn why it occurs, how to combat it, and whether your taste buds will return to normal after treatment ends.

Metallic Taste During Chemotherapy
Taste changes can come in many forms as a side effect of chemotherapy. Some patients experience a metallic taste in the mouth. Here's why you may be tasting metal and what to do to mask the taste while eating.

Bitter Taste After Chemotherapy
Taste changes after chemo are quite common. Some people develop a bitter taste in their mouth that makes eating a drinking difficult. Learn how to cope with bitter taste changes.

Taste Changes After Chemotherapy
It is estimated that about half of people experience taste changes after chemotherapy. Here's what to do if you experience taste changes and how to cope.

Why does chemotherapy cause anemia?
Why does chemotherapy cause anemia? Learn why people undergoing chemotherapy often develop anemia in this FAQ about chemotherapy side effects.

6 Chemotherapy Side Effects Patients Don't Expect
Side effects of chemotherapy aren't just limited to hair loss, fatigue, and stomach upset. There are many other unexpected chemotherapy side effects that people experience while undergoing treatment.

Oral Thrush During Chemotherapy
Oral thrush can be common during chemotherapy treatment. Learn how to identify thrush, how it's caused and how your doctor will treat it. Preventive therapy may also be available for some people undergoing cancer treatment.

Do I need to use a condom during sex if I am going through chemotherapy?
A reader asks whether is it necessary to wear a condom during sex if he is undergoing chemotherapy.

Will I lose weight during chemotherapy?
Will chemotherapy cause you to lose weight? Learn the answer in more in this reader FAQ.

Acne During Cancer Treatment
Acne can be common with cancer treatment, but it doesn't mean you have to suffer! Learn ways to prevent and control acne during cancer treatment.

Will I Lose My Pubic Hair If I Have Chemotherapy?
Do people lose their pubic hair during cancer treatment? Learn more about how chemotherapy affects body hair in this reader FAQ.

What foods are best to eat when you have diarrhea related to chemotherapy?
Discover what foods you should eat if you suffer from diarrhea, a very common chemotherapy side effect.

Will treatment side effects make me feel worse than just having cancer?
A reader asks if cancer treatment will make her feel worse than the cancer itself.

Magic Mouthwash for Chemotherapy Mouth Sores
Magic mouthwash is a mouth rise used to to treat mouth sores caused by chemotherapy. Learn how it works and more.

Chemobrain Treatment
How is chemobrain treated? Discover how to cope, what medication is available, and why brain games may help.

4Top 4 Brain Game Apps for People with Chemobrain
Check out these apps that may help improve cognitive function.

Recipes for High Calorie Shakes
Check out these delicious high protein and high calorie milkshakes for people with cancer.

Protein Fortified Milk Recipe
This fortified milk recipe is great for those who need additional calories and protein n their diet while undergoing cancer treatment.

High Potassium Levels - Hyperkalemia
Learn more about hyperkalemia, a condition marked by increased potassium levels.

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