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Updated June 30, 2014

Question: Insurance and Wigs
Will my insurance company cover the cost of a wig if I lose my hair during chemotherapy?
Answer: Many health insurance companies do cover the cost of a wig if you have lost your hair to chemotherapy. Review your insurance policy or call your agent for further details.

If your insurance company does cover the cost of wig, you may need your doctor to write a letter or prescription that includes information as to why you need the wig, noting that it is not for cosmetic purposes, but for your emotional well-being.

Request that your doctor prescribe a "hair prosthesis or cranial hair prosthesis," not just a "wig." Insurance companies are particular about wording, and most will not cover a "wig" but will cover a "hair prosthesis," even though they are the same thing.

If Your Insurance Company Won't Cover the Cost of a Wig

If you insurance company won't cover the cost, talk to your doctor. Many cancer centers are familiar with local organizations that provide recycled wigs, or free and reduced-cost wigs.

The American Cancer Society may be able to help. Contact your local chapter and they may be able to provide assistance.
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