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Childhood Cancer

Childhood cancer is unlike any cancer that adults develop. A child's needs during treatment are different. Children are treated with pediatric oncologists, who specialize in treating children with cancer. Learn what cancers children can develop, treatment for the diseases and coping mechanisms as a parent.
  1. Ewing's Sarcoma (3)
  2. Leukemia (ALL &AML) (0)
  3. Neuroblastoma (2)
  4. Wilms Tumor (5)

Symptoms of Brain Tumors in Children

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month - September 2006
September has been designated as National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. During the month, hospitals, schools, and other organizations increase awareness about childhood cancer.

Symptoms of Childhood Cancers
This overview on sifns and symptoms of childhood cancer will give you an insight to childhood cancers. Although childhood cancer is rare, parents should be well arare of signs of cancer to watch out for.

Telling Your Child They Have Cancer
Telling your child they have cancer is perhaps the one of most difficult task when dealing with a childhood cancer. Learn tips on how to tell your child, who should tell your child and an age guidelines for telling your child they have cancer.

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