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Daily Life with Cancer

Articles will descibe the emotional toll that cancer has on patients and how to avoid them. A great resource for patients or friends/family members.
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Is it safe to breastfeed after finishing chemotherapy?
Learn whether it is safe or not to breastfeed while undergoing chemotherapy in this reader FAQ.

Coping with the Fear of Cancer Recurrence
Fear of cancer recurrence is common. Learn how to combat the overwhelmingly feeling that your cancer may return.

10 Things People with Cancer Should Know About Health Insurance
To a person who isn't an insurance industry insider, the ins and outs of health insurance can be confusing. Throw a diagnosis of a chronic condition like cancer into the mix and the confusion can easily turn into frustration. The good news is that with the right resources and knowledge, it doesn't have to be.

7 iPhone Apps For People With Cancer
When you are going through cancer treatment, it can be easy to become disorganized. Frequent doctors appointments, multiple medications, and social commitments can be forgotten or mixed up if you don't keep on top of them. While missing a lunch date with a friend won't harm you, missing your medication or a doctor's appointment can definitely...

Dry Skin During Chemotherapy - How Did You Treat Dry Skin Dur…
Learn how cancer patients have dealt with dry skin caused by chemotherapy. Many chemotherapy drugs can cause dry skin, leaving the skin dry, flaky, and irritated.

Saving Money on Prescription Drugs - How Do You save Money on Prescri…
Reader share their tips for saving money on prescription drugs.

Medication Organization - Tips to Organize and Manage Your Medication
Many people with cancer are prescribed several different types of medication that it is easy to become confused about what to take and when. Read how fellow cancer patients have managed and organized their medications.

The Healthcare Reform Tan Tax
Learn details about the tan tax, which is part of the Healthcare Reform Bill. The tan tax replaces a proposed tax on elective cosmetic surgery procedures.

Telling Your Date That You Have Cancer - Tips for Telling Your Date Y…
Being single with cancer isn't easy. Having to explain that you have cancer to potential love interests can be emotionally exhausting. How did you tell your new love interest that you have cancer? Share your tips with fellow readers and read their responses.

Marriage and Cancer - Tips for Keeping Your Marriage Strong During Ca…
When you have cancer, it can affect all aspects of your life, including your marriage. How have you kept your marriage strong through treatment? Share your advice and tips with other couples going through treatment.

Supporting Someone with Cancer - Supporting a Loved One With Cancer
Do you have a loved one with cancer? How have you shown them support during their diagnosis and treatment? What are some things you have done that have helped them? Share your support tips and ideas and read others' responses.

Dating and Cancer
Being single and having cancer can be difficult. Dating new people and having to reveal your cancer can be a daunting task. When and how to tell someone new is important. Check out these tips on how to reveal your cancer diagnosis to your new love interest.

When Cancer Affects Your Marriage
A cancer diagnosis can take a heavy toll on spouses. Feeling of anger and resentment can be common. Learn how to prevent and cope with feelings of resentment during your spouse's cancer treatment.

Children and Cancer - How Di You tell Your Child That You Have Cancer
cancer parents with cancer, children and cancer cancer diagnosis

Relay for Life Fundraising Ideas - Fundraising Ideas for Rela…
How are you raising money for relay for life? Share your comments with other and read other's ideas for raising money for Relay for Life.

Relay for Life
Learn more about the Relay for Life, an international cancer fundraiser that is an American Cancer Society event. Relay for Life events are held through the summer and autumn months and aim to raise both money and awareness for cancer.

Uterine Transplants
Research is promising in the field of uterine transplants for women who are without a uterus. Discover how a uterine transplant is done, the risks, and the ethics involved in uterine transplantation.

Exercise During Cancer Treatment
Exercise is a vital component to any healthy lifestyle and especially for those with cancer. Learn what exercise is best and why when you are battling cancer.

Can I go tanning if I am having chemotherapy?
A readers asks if it is harmful to go tanning while undergoing chemotherapy to treat ovarian cancer.

How to Save Money on Prescription Drugs

How to Get a Handicapped Parking Permit When You're Going Through Chemotherapy
People undergoing chemotherapy are often surpised to learn that may qualify for handicap parking in some states. Here is what you need to know about getting a handicap parking permit.

Can I Drink Energy Drinks to Fight Cancer Fatigue?
Energy drinks are all the rage these days. One reader asks if he can drink energy drinks to help combat cancer fatigue.

Can I Drive Home After Chemotherapy?
A reader asks whether it is safe to drive to and from chemotherapy by herself. Independence is important to people with cancer, and driving is a huge part of maintaining their independence.

Cervical Cancer Support Groups
Many doctors recommend that cancer patients participate in a support group through their treatment. Here you will learn how to find a cervical cancer support group and explore what types of cancer support groups are available.

Ten Ways to Care for the Caregiver
Oncolink- Ways for the caregiver to relieve the stress of providing care to a cancer patient. It is written for a parent of a child with cancer, but the principles apply to any caregiver.

Cancer Caregivers: Items that Make Caregiving Easier
Life can be chaotic when you are a caregiver to a loved one with cancer. There are some items that can help you organize, making caregiving easier and less hectic.

Top 10 Gifts for People With Cancer
Need gift ideas for a friend or family member with cancer? Try one of the gifts on this list; it is a compilation of gits any cancer patient would love!

LIVESTRONG From the Lance Armstrong Foundation Book Review
Review of the book, "LIVESTRONG", from the Lance Armstrong Foundation. LIVESTRONG is a compilation of cancer survivor stories.

Review of Lean on Me - Cancer Through A Carer's Eyes, by Lorraine Kember
Review of the book Lean on Me - Cancer Through a Carer's Eyes, by Lorraine Kember.

Top 5 Cancer Organizations
There are quite a few cancer organizations established today that sometimes it difficult to choose which is best to contribute to or volunteer time with. This list, Top 5 Cancer Organizations. list my favorite, legitimate organizations that aid in cancer research and helping patients.

Strength for Caring- Tips for Managing Fatigue
Strength for Caring is an organization founded by Cindy Crawford to support cancer patients and caregivers. Learn useful tips here on how to manage fatigue.

Giving Support to A Loved One With Cancer
Giving support to a friend or loved one with cancer can be difficult. Explore ways to effectively show you care and give support.

How to Have a Low Stress, High Energy Holiday Season
The holidays can often leave a cancer patients with no energy and high stress! Follow these tips to making the holidays a stress free and energy saving season.

Chemo Brain - How Have You Coped with Having Chemo Brain
Chemo brain is used to describe the cognitive deficit that some patients report after chemotherapy. Have you experienced chemo brain? What did you to to combat it? Tell us how you tackled cognitive deficit following chemotherapy and read tips from others.

How to Crush Pills
Learn how to effectively crush pills. This is a great "know-how" for people who have trouble swallowing pills and also for parents.

Cancer Gifts - What is the Worst Gift You Received When You Had Cancer
Share what the worst gift you ever received while undergoing cancer treatment. Read what other awful or in appropriate gifts people have received...

Are neti pots safe for people with cancer?
Are neti pots safe for people with cancer? A reader asks about whether she can use a neti pot if she is undergoing chemotherapy. Learn if neti pots are safe during chemo and why your doctor may be against them.

Unwanted Health Advice - How to You Deal with Unwanted Health Advice
How do you deal with unwanted health advice? Check out how others have managed unwanted health advice from friends, family, and even strangers!

How to Reduce Your Risk of the Flu If You Have Cancer
People with cancer must be especially cautious during flu season. If you have cancer, learn how to reduce your risk of getting the flu with these simple tips.

How do I cope with insmonia as a caregiver?
Insomnia can be common in those who are caregivers to people with cancer. Learn what causes it, how to cope, and how your doctor may manage your insomnia.

Education scholarships are available for patients and survivors. Learn what...
Learn about college scholarships that cater specifically for cancer patients and survivors.

Can I Keep My Pets If I Have Cancer?
Can you keep your pets during chemotherapy? Learn why or why not you should have a pet in your home during cancer treatment.

How to Donate Hair to the Pantene Beautiful Lengths Program
Learn how to donate hair to the Pantene Beautiful Lengths program, which provides free wigs to women with cancer.

How to Create a Cancer Scrapbook
Learn how to create a cancer scrapbook! Discover unique and creative page ideas here.

How to Support Your Wife During Cancer Treatment
Learn how to support your wife during cancer treatment.

What Gay and Bisexual Men Need to Know About Cancer
There are many barriers for healthcare for gay and bisexual men. Learn how to overcome these challenges and what types of cancer you should be concerned about.

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