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Everyone deals with their cancer diagnosis differently. Many concerns are raised aside from your physical health, like how cancer will affect your mental health and quality of life. With the right support and guidance, your cancer diagnosis and the effects it may have on your life can be effectively and positively managed.
  1. Dealing with Your Diagnosis
  2. Support Groups and Resources
  3. Coping with the Emotional Effects of Cancer
  4. Money Matters: The Financial Aspect of Cancer Treatment
  5. When Cancer Is Terminal

Dealing with Your Diagnosis

Everyone's experiences differ when diagnosed with cancer. Coping with a new diagnosis can be difficult, but learning early on how to cope with cancer will provide you with strength and positive outlook you will need during treatment and beyond.

Support Groups and Resources

A good support system is vital to effectively coping with cancer! Support can come in many forms, like through friends and loved one and support groups. The key to good cancer support is learning to recognize when you need it and where to get the best support.

Coping with the Emotional Effects of Cancer

The emotional effects of cancer are not the same for everyone. For some people, this may mean stress, depression, anxiety, and fear. Others may feel a sense of relief and calmness with their diagnosis. All of these emotions are normal. Knowing how to cope with these emotional effects may make treatment less stressful and also increase your quality of life.

Money Matters: The Financial Aspect of Cancer Treatment

Anyone who has ever gone through cancer treatment will tell you that it can be expensive. From doctor's fees to the numerous prescriptions drugs needed for care, many people with cancer find themselves wondering how they are going to pay -- even when they have insurance.

When Cancer Is Terminal

When there is no curative treatment for cancer, it is considered to be terminal. People with terminal cancer have many tough decisions to make about their care and ultimately, their death.

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