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Cancer Basics

A beginners guide to cancer with articles are resources about cancer causes, prevention, treatment, types of cancer and more.
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Weight Loss As A Cancer Symptom
Losing weight without trying can be a symptom of a variety of conditions, cancer included. Learn what weight loss means in relation to cancer and what you should expect at the doctor.

I feel like my doctor is not listening to me and brushes off my sympt…

Donating Blood If You Have Cancer
A reader asks if people with cancer can donate blood, including survivors. Learn if people with cancer and cancer survivors can donate blood.

Cancer Awareness Colors
Awareness colors have become increasingly popular to gather attention for disease and causes. Cancer is no exclusion - many cancer types have a designated color. Here you will find a full list of cancer awareness colors.

The H1N1 Virus and Cancer Patients
The H1N1 is a concern for every person, but should especially be concerning to those with cancer. Learn more about the virus known as the swine flu and other information especially for people with cancer.

What is Cancer?
Learning how cancer develops and spreads provides a greater understanding to the nature of your disease.

Symptoms of Cancer
While there are many different types of cancer, there are a few universal symptoms of cancer, in general. A look into the symptoms of cancer and how it will affect you.

Types of Cancer
Types of cancer organized by the region of the body they affect.

How to Prevent Cancer
Explore how to prevent cancer in these simple lifesaving tips.

Causes and Risk Factors of Cancer
Studies have discovered definitive causes of cancer. With the knowledge of causes, we now know how we can prevent it. Learn the risk factors of cancer development and how to avoid exposure.

Cancer Treatment Options
A cancer patient's threatment can include radiation therapy, chemotherapy, surgery, and immunotherapy. Many times, a combination of these treatments are used.

Top 10 Cancer Myths
Explore cancer myths and learn fact from fiction!

Cancer Sniffing Dogs: Can Dogs Really Smell Cancer?
A look into the research surrounding dogs and their ability to dtect cancer.

History of Cancer
A look into the history of cancer, a group of diseases that have pagued man for centuries. Learn how cancer was discovered and treated in ancient egypt and rome.

Tips for Cancer Patients: How to Prepare for Hurricane Season
Hurricane season is approaching! Cancer patients need to take special precautions before disaster hits. Here are some tips for cancer patients for prepapring for hurricane season.

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