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Cancer Awareness Colors

What are the Cancer Awareness Colors?


Updated May 16, 2014

Cancer Awareness Colors
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Awareness colors have become increasingly popular to garner attention for diseases and causes. Cancer is no exclusion - many cancer types have a designated color that are used for bracelets, ribbons, and other products.

Certain months and weeks have also been designated to create awareness about many types of cancer. Not all types have months or colors, but many of the more commonly diagnosed types do.

Cancer Awareness Colors and Months

Bladder Cancer = Yellow

Brain Cancer = Gray

Breast Cancer = Pink

Cervical Cancer (January) = Teal or Teal w/ white border

Childhood Cancer (September) = Gold

Colon Cancer (March) = Blue or Brown

Esophageal Cancer = Light Blue

Head and Neck Cancer = Burgundy

Kidney Cancer = Orange

Leukemia (September) = Orange

Liver Cancer = Green

Lung Cancer (November) = White or Clear

Lymphoma (September) = Light Green

Melanoma (May) = Black

Multiple Myeloma = Burgundy

Ovarian Cancer (September) = Teal

Pancreatic Cancer (November) = Purple

Prostate Cancer (September) = Light Blue

Sarcoma/Bone Cancer (June) = Yellow

Stomach Cancer = Periwinkle

Testicular Cancer = Purple

Thyroid Cancer (January) = Blue/Pink/Teal (tricolored)

Uterine Cancer = Peach

Tips for Buying Cancer Awareness Products

Wearing a t-shirt, bracelet or hat is a great way to show your support and help raise funds, but you have to be careful when buying awareness products. Unfortunately, some products are sold for profit, without any proceeds going to a cancer organization. When buying cancer awareness products, make sure the tag or label says "Proceeds go to XX foundation or organization. It is ideal that you recognize the organization. Otherwise, it could be a 'for-profit' corporation that does little for cancer research or promotion. If you don't feel comfortable making a purchase, making a donation or volunteering for your favorite cancer charity is also a great way to raise awareness.
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