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Coping With Cancer Through Support Groups


Updated June 26, 2014

For each person diagnosed, cancer is a unique experience. No two people will travel the same journey during and after cancer treatment. How people cope after being diagnosed, during treatment, and afterward is also different for each individual. One common thread in all people with cancer is the need for a good support system.

Community Support Groups

Community cancer support groups are the one of the best ways to actively get support and become more active in your cancer community. These types of support groups can be held in hospitals, churches, and community centers and are typically led by psychologists, social workers, and medical professionals. Most groups are free to participate, but some may require a small registration fee or dues. Your cancer treatment center should be able to provide you with the names of local support groups.

Here are cancer support groups that have nationally sponsored support meetings:

Online Cancer Support Groups and Forums

Joining a support group online can be one of your best bets in coping with cancer. If you are experiencing side effects from therapy and have difficulty leaving your home, an online community can be the simplest, most effective way to get the support you need during treatment.

Online support groups and forums also allow you to maintain your anonymity, which helps many become more candid about their feelings, fears, and frustrations.

Online Cancer Support Groups and Forums

Cancer Support Forums from About.com

No matter which type of cancer support you choose, remember that emotional support and care is just as important as physical care. You don't have to feel isolated when having cancer. Maintaining a positive outlook on life and being optimistic is the goal of support groups, which makes the cancer journey a lot easier.

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