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Top 5 Ways to Prevent Liver Cancer


Updated June 15, 2007

Some cases of liver cancer can't be prevented. Factors like genetics and involuntary exposure to certain chemicals are things we can't really control. However, there are some simple lifestyle changes we can make to help reduce our risk factor for liver cancer.These simple tips will lead you in the path of reducing your risk factor.

1. Quit Smoking.

If you are smoker, now is never a better time to quit. Smoking has been linked to liver cancer in studies. Smoking not only has been linked to liver cancer, it has also been connected with many other types of cancers and diseases as well.

2. Watch Your Alcohol Intake.

Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol and alcohol abuse leads to a disease causes cirrhosis. Having cirrhosis is can lead to liver cancer. If you drink, do so in moderation.

3. Get the Hepatitis B Vaccine for You and Your Children.

The hepatitis B vaccine is recommended for all children in the United States and is required for school entry. If you are an adult, take a look over your medical records to ensure you were properly immunized as a child. If you don't have access to those records, talk to your physician about how the vaccine. Ensure your children receive the vaccine at recommended ages. Hepatitis B infection is a major risk factor for liver cancer development.

4. Practice Safe Sex.

By having unprotected sex, you can contract many diseases, including hepatitis C. Being infected with hepatitis B or C is one of the major risk factors for liver cancer.

5. Don't use Illegal IV Drugs.

Contaminated needles shared by drug users can transmit hepatitis C. If you are a drug user, seek help immediately.

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Created: 04/01/06
Source: American Cancer Society: Do We Know What Causes Liver Cancer?
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