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Penile Cancer-Understanding Cancer of the Penis

Although considered rare in the United States, penile cancer affects up to 10% of male cancer patients in South America and Africa. Studies have shown that the disease can be prevented in many cases. This site features articles and resources such as prevention, causes, treatment and sexual side effects of penile cancer.

Penile Cancer Prevention
Learn how to prevent penile cancer. There are many things a man can go to prevent penile cancer.

Penile Cancer: Causes and Risk Factors for Penile Cancer
There are many risk factors for penile cancer. Lifestyle and general health all play an important role in whether you develop the disease. Penile cancer risk factors are defined and being aware of these risk factors can help you to make choices to lower your risk factor for penile cancer.

Penile Cancer : Symptoms of Penile Cancer
A look into the signs and symptoms of penile cancer. Symptoms of penile cancer are very clear and need to be avaluated by a physician ASAP. Learning the signs of penile cancer may aid in early detection.

Treating Penile Cancer- Penectomy FAQ
A treatment option for advanced penile cancer is a penectomy. Learn how the surgery is done, the side effects, and coping after penectomy surgery.

Penile Cancer
Learn the basics about penile cancer with this penile cancer profile. Symptoms, treatment options and statistics about the disease are explored.

Stages of Penile Cancer
A look into the various stages of penile cancer and when it is considered recurrent.

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