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Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is an aggressive disease that affects nearly 100,000 men each year. Articles and resources focus on causes, symptoms, treatment and health after prostate cancer.
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Prostate Symptoms Related to Prostate Cancer
What prostate symptoms are related to cancer? Learn more about prostate cancer symptoms and how they affect the prostate gland.

Prostate Cancer - Causes, Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention
Learn more about the basics of prostate cancer to include the causes, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of the disease.

Study: Beer May Prevent Prostate Cancer
A new study suggests that an ingredient in beer may prevent prostate cancer and an enlarged prostate.

What is the Prostate?
A look into what the prostate gland is in reference to prostate cancer. The prostate gland is found in males.

Prostate Cancer Symptoms: Signs of Prostate Cancer
Symptoms of prostate cancer are often silent until the disease is in an advanced stage. Learning to recognize the symptoms of prostate cancer, along with regular PSA test and rectal exams, allows earlier detection. The earlier it is diagnosed, the easier it is to treat.

What Causes Prostate Cancer?
A look into what causes prostate cancer.

Prostate Cancer Risk Factors: What Can Cause Prostate Cancer
Prostate cancer risk factors should be a concern for every man, as all men are risk for developing prostate cancer. This resource discusses the risks and causes of the disease.

Prostate Cancer Treatment Options
Explore what treatment options are available to treat prostate cancer.

Prostate Treatment Options by Stage
Treatment options for prostate cancer are given according to the stage of the disease.

Prostate Cancer Screening FAQs - How to Find Out If You Have Prostate Cancer
Prostate cancer screening are a collections of tests and and exams used to to see if a patient is at risk or has prostate cancer. Learn how to fidn out if you have prostate cancer.

Are Hot Peppers a Cure for Prostate Cancer?
A new study finds that hot peppers cause prostate cancer cells to committ cellular suicide. Learn more about the findings of the study and hot peppers.

Famous Prostate Cancer Survivors
Ever wonder what celebrities and other famous people battled prostate cancer and lived to tell? Explore famous prostate cancer survivors here in this comprehensive list.

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