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Skin Cancer Pictures


Updated May 16, 2014

What does skin cancer look like?
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Question: Skin Cancer Pictures
I have a spot on my arm that I think may be skin cancer. What does skin cancer look like?
Answer: Skin cancer can look like many things. It can appear as a mole, spot, sore, lesion or any other skin abnomality. See Skin Cancer Symptoms and Melanoma Symptoms, for exact descriptions of symptoms.

Pictures of skin cancer:

Skin Cancer Photo Gallery

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Basal Cell Carcinoma Pictures
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Keep in mind that the best wat to prevent skin cancer is to protect yourself from the sun's UV rays. This means staying out of the sun at peak times, wearing proper sunscreen and protective clothing when outdoors.

If you think you may have skin cancer, please get checked out by a healthcare professional. The earlier skin cancer is detected, the better the survival rate.
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