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Stomach Cancer (Gastric)

Gastric cancer is a disease affecting the stomach, an organ of the digestive system. Articles and resources discuss causes, prevention, symptoms, treatment and prognosis of the disease.

Stomach Cancer Overview
Learn more about stomach cacner annd its causes, symptoms, and prevention. Stomach cancer is also called gastric cancer.

How to Prevent Stomach Cancer
Explore how to prevent stomach cancer. Although relatively uncommon is the US and Europe, stomach cancer is common is Asia. Learn how to identify the riskd and prevent stomach cancer.

Stomach Cancer Causes and Risk Factors - What Causes Stomach Cancer?
What exactly causes stomach cancer? Stomach cancer, also referred as gastric cancer has many risk factors. Avoiding the risk factors of staomach cancer can greatly reduce your risk of developing it.

Stomach Cancer- Symptoms and Signs of Gastric Cancer
Learn more about the signs and symptoms stomach cancer.

My Journey with Stomach Cancer
Share your story about being diagnosed with stomach cancer and how treatment has affected your life. See submissions

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