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How to Hide Your Thyroidectomy Scar

5 Easy Ways to Conceal Your Scar


Updated January 18, 2011

A thyroidectomy scar, though small, can attract stares and unwanted questions from people when out in public. Some people are comfortable with answering questions and stares, but others may feel very self-conscious about their scar. To avoid feeling this way, some people choose to conceal their scar.  There are several simple ways to hide your thyroidectomy scars, from accessorizing your wardrobe to plastic surgery.

1. Wear a Scarf

Wearing a scarf is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to conceal your thyroidectomy scar. They are available for both men and women, come in every color, and can be worn day or night. Scarves just aren't for cool weather, either. Lightweight fabrics make them the perfect accesory for the warmer months.

2. Wear Turtlenecks

Turtlenecks get such a bad rap, but they have evolved over the years into a wardrobe staple. Think turtleneck sweaters, sleevelss turtlenecks as layering pieces, or a basic turtleneck under a cardigan sweater. You can defintely conceal your thyroidectomy scar fashionably without being reminded of your 3rd grade school picture.

Some people with raised or bumpy scars may experience some irritation from wearing turtlenecks. If this occurs, try wearing different fabrics to see if the irritation lessens.

3. Apply Make-Up and Other Cosmetics

Cosmetics like concealers and foundation can help make your scar blend in. Tinted moisturizers and sunscreens can also help hide scars. There are other products like Dermablend that are classified as "camouflage make-up" that claim to provide excelent coverage for scars, tattoos, and birthmarks. If you have recently had your thyroidectomy, you may want to ask your doctor how soon after surgery you can use these products.

4. Wear Jewelry

A necklace won't exactly hide your scar, but can distract people from looking at your the scar. Thicker necklaces, chokers, or those with pendants work best at keeping your scar less visible. If you have a raised or bumpy scar, wearing a necklace may be irritating from the friction.

5. Consult a Plastic Surgeon or Dermatologist

If you are self-conscious about your scar, you may want to consider cosulting with a plastic surgeon about what options may available. Scar revision surgery is becoming increasingly popular. The procedure can be something as minor as using a layer to more in-depth treatment methods. Consulting with a dermatologist is another way to learn about any possible non-invasive ways to reduce the appearance of your scar. There are several different prescription oinments and creams that may help reduce the appearance of scars, as well.

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