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Treatment of Cancer

There are several options in treating cancer. From chemotherapy to immunotherapy, you will learn the differences and how each can effectively treat cancer.
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  2. Cancer Clinical Trials (4)
  3. Chemotherapy (78)
  4. Common Medical Tests (6)
  5. Immunotherapy (1)
  6. Radiation Therapy (10)

10 Things You Should Know Before You have Cancer Surgery

How do I remove my Steri-Strips?
Ever try to remove Steri-Strips and found them not to budge? Learn how and when you should safely remove your Steri-Strips after surgery.

What can I take for a scalp rash caused by Tarceva?
A reader asks what he can do about a rash on his scalp from taking Tarceva. Learn about OTC treatment and what your doctor may prescribe.

Cancer Treatment - How Have You Coped with Rashes During Canc…
A skin rash can be a side effects of many types

Is almond oil good for dry skin caused by cancer treatment?
A reader asks about using almond oil to treat dry skin as a side effect of cancer treatment

Tarceva Rash
The Tarceva cancer treatment drug is known for producing an acne-like rash as a side effect. Learn how the rash is managed by doctors and what you can do to relive it.

Tarceva Side Effects
Tarceva is a drug prescribed to treat lung cancer and pancreatic cancer. Learn more about the side effects of Tarceva and what you can do to combat them.

How Can I Get Assistance Paying for Flights for Cancer Treatment?
If you must travel a long distance to receive cancer treatment, the cost of airfare can really put a dent in the budget. In this FAQ, you will learn more about some organizations that assist people with cancer in paying for their flights.

Ways to Manage Your Medication
Organizing your medication can be overwhelming, especially if you take many different types. Learn how to effectively organize and manage your medications.

How to Properly Dispose of Prescription Drugs
Before flushing those unwanted prescription drugs in the trash or down the toilet, learn how to safely dispose of your prescription drugs through guidelines set by the federal government.

How to Choose An Oncologist
A guide on what to look for in an oncologist. An oncologist is a doctor that treats cancer.

Free and Low Cost Prescription Drug Programs
Prescription drugs can be pricey, especially if you don't have insurance. Learn what programs are available to help reduce the cost of prescription medications.

Flu Shots and Cancer Patients
Should people with cancer get a flu shot? Learn what type of flu shot cancer patients should have and why it is important to get it.

Cancer Treatment Options
A cancer patient's threatment can include radiation therapy, chemotherapy, surgery, and immunotherapy. Many times, a combination of these treatments are used.

Chemotherapy Basics
Chemotherapy is a form of treatment for many forms of cancers. It produces few, yet emotionally devastating side effects. Learn answers to questions concerning hair loss, nausea, and skin problems caused by chemotherapy and how to combat them.

Cancer Clinical Trials: What are Clinical Trials
Clinical trials for cancer are explored and explained in this in depth article. Clinical trials are sometimes the only treatment option for some patients.

Radiation Therapy Overview
A look into radiation therapy, a method used to treat cancer. Learn what it is, how it works, the costs associated with the therapy, and how it is given.

Best Hospitals For Cancer Treatment
Article lists the top 10 out of 50 cancer hospitals in the United States. The report was researched and published by U.S. News & World Report.

Financial Help for Cancer Patients: Where to Find Help For Cancer Care
The cost of cancer care can be a burden for many. This article lists organizations that can provide financial assistance for cancer care.

Top 10 Things You Need DuringTreatment
When going through cancer treatment, there are medical supplies available that make life a little easier. In these top picks, I look at the most needed things during cancer treatment!

Full Liquid Diet: What You Can Eat and Drink on a Full Liquid Diet
A full liquid diet is often prescribed after surgery. What can you eat while on the diet? This list provides examples of acceptable foods for the full liquid diet.

Clear Liquid Diet : What You You Eat and Drink When On A Clear Liquid Diet
A clear liquid diet is often recommended for cancer patients before and after cancer surgery, to prepare for medical tests, or if the patient is nauseas from chemotherapy. Provided is a list of foods and drinks that are safe to consume when on a clear liquid diet.

Cancer Physician Locator
Finding a doctor that specializes in your type of cancer may be difficult in some areas. These physician locators will help you find a qualified doctor in your area.

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