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Financial Help for Cancer Patients: Where to Find Help For Cancer Care

Financial Help for Cancer Patients


Updated April 22, 2014

Cancer imposes heavy economic burdens on both patients and their families. For many people, a portion of medical expenses is paid by their health insurance plan. For individuals who do not have health insurance or who need financial assistance to cover health care costs, resources are available, including Government-sponsored programs and services supported by voluntary organizations.

Cancer patients and their families should discuss any concerns they may have about health care costs with their physician, medical social worker, or the business office of their hospital or clinic.

The organizations and resources listed below may offer financial assistance. Organizations that provide publications in Spanish or have Spanish-speaking staff have been identified.

  • The national American Cancer Society (ACS) office can provide the telephone number of the local ACS office serving your area. The ACS offers programs that help cancer patients, family members, and friends cope with the treatment decisions and emotional challenges they face. Information on these programs is available on the Web site listed below. Some materials are published in Spanish. Spanish-speaking staff are available.
    Telephone: 1–800–227–2345 (1–800–ACS–2345) Web site: http://www.cancer.org

  • Cancer Care is a national nonprofit agency that offers free support, information, financial assistance, and practical help to people with cancer and their loved ones. Services are provided by oncology social workers and are available in person, over the telephone, and through the agency's Web site. Cancer Care's reach also extends to professionals - providing education, information, and assistance. A section of the Cancer Care Web site and some publications are available in Spanish, and staff can respond to calls and e-mails in Spanish.

    Cancer Care also operates the AVONCares Program for Medically Underserved Women, which provides financial assistance to low-income, under- and uninsured, underserved women throughout the country who need supportive services (transportation, child care, and home care) related to the treatment of breast and cervical cancers.
    Telephone: 1-800-813-4673 (1-800-813-HOPE) Web site: http://www.cancercare.org

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