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Full Liquid Diet

What Can You Eat On a Full Liquid Diet


Updated July 01, 2014

Liquid Diet
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The Full Liquid Diet - What is Allowed

A full liquid diet is a diet that falls in between a clear liquid diet and a soft liquid diet. It is often prescribed after surgery, especially any type of stomach of gastrointestinal surgery. If you are prescribed a full liquid diet you can eat food and drink liquids, such as:

  • All fruit juices and nectars

  • Bouillon, broth

  • Butter/cream/oil/margarine

  • Carbonated beverages

  • Cheese soup

  • Coffee/Tea

  • Fresh or frozen plain yogurt

  • Fruit drinks

  • Fruit punch

  • Honey/jelly/syrup

  • Ice milk

  • Liquid meal replacements

  • Milk, all types

  • Milkshakes

  • Pasteurized eggnog

  • Plain cornstarch pudding

  • Plain gelatin desserts

  • Potatoes pureed in soup

  • Refined/strained cooked cereal

  • Small amounts of strained meat in broth or gelatin

  • Smooth ice cream

  • Soft or baked custard

  • Strained lemonade/limeade

  • Strained or blenderized soup

  • Thin fruit purees

  • Tomato juice

  • Tomato puree for cream soup

  • Vegetable juice

  • Water

  • Remember, if you have any questions about what you can eat and not eat while on the clear liquid diet, you can always give a call to your doctor or nutritionist.

    Source: National Insitute of Health
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