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Cancer: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
What Do Genital Warts Really Look Like?
Look at pictures of genital warts, a condition caused by HPV. Please be advised that these pictures are very graphic in nature.
Can Headaches be a Symptom of a Brain Tumor?
Headaches can be a symptom of a brain tumor. Here is what you need to know about brain tumor related headaches and how they differ from average, harmless headaches.
Is an Itchy Mole a Symptom of Skin Cancer?
Is an itchy mole a symptom of skin cancer?
Top 10 Cancer Symptoms Women Need to Know
A listing of symptoms of cancer that women need to be concerned about.
The 5 Cervical Cancer Symptoms All Women Should...
Cervical cancer symptoms do not usually present themselves until the cancer has spread. There are signs and symptoms of cervical cancer to watch out for though.
8 Signs You Might Have Stomach Cancer
Stomach cancer symptoms can often be similar to those of other diseases. Learn what signs and symptoms to look out for when it comes to stomach cancer.
Learn the Signs and Symptoms of Pancreatic Cancer
Pancreatic cancer symptoms are often mistaken as ailments of other illnesses. In this article, we discuss the possible symptoms and what may cause them to appear. Pancreatic cancer is often diagnosed in late stages because symptoms do not appear until the disease had advanced.
7 Signs You Might Have Throat Cancer
Have a cough that won't go away or a sore throat that won't quit? They could be symptoms of throat cancer. Learn what to look for when it comes to throat cancer and when you should see your doctor.
Prostate Blood Test: How Do I Know if My PSA...
A normal PSA level is explained here in this FAQ about prostate cancer.
Headaches, Nausea, and 6 Other Symptoms of a...
Symptoms of brain tumors based on tumor location and other factors. This article lists the most common signs and what to keep an eye out for when it comes to brain tumors.
6 Cancer Symptoms You Might Not Know About
While there are many different types of cancer, there are a few universal symptoms of cancer, in general. A look into the symptoms of cancer and how it will affect you.
Could a Fever Be a Symptom of Cancer?
When a person experiences an unexplained fever, one of the first thoughts they may have is whether the fever is cancer-related. We have grown to expect fevers with other symptoms, like cough and congestion, but what about fevers that occur without anything else being wrong? Can fevers be a symptom of cancer?
What All Women Need to Know about Pelvic Pain
Pelvic pain is a symptom of many types of cancer, including gynecologic cancer. Learn what ma be causing the pain and what you can do about it.
The Early Warning Signs of Ovarian Cancer
Are there are any early symptoms of ovarian cancer? Many experts agree that there may be warning signs of the disease. Learn the early warning signs of cancer that affects the ovaries.
What You Should Know About Colon Cancer Symptoms
A listing of the most commonly experienced colon cancer symptoms. Colon cancer is a common type of cancer in the U.S. and can be caused by a variety of factors. Learn the most important signs of colon cancer.
The 6 Most Common Symptoms of Oral Cancer
A listing of the most commonly experienced symptoms of oral cancer.
The Sneaky Symptoms of Liver Cancer
Explore symptoms of liver cancer with this listing of signs and symptoms that many people with liver cancer display.
Are Night Sweats a Symptom of Cancer?
Night sweats can be a common symptom of some types of cancer. Learn what true night sweats are and how they can be a symptom of cancer.
What Does Skin Cancer Actually Look Like?
Learn what skin cancer looks like with skin cancer pictures. Pictures of several different types of skin cancer are displayed.
Don't Mix Up the Meanings of Malignant and Benign
What is the difference between malignant and benign cancer? Find out the answer here in the FAQ about malignant and benign tumors.
6 Symptoms of Breast Cancer Most Women Don't Know
Most women associate lumps with breast cancer. However, there are more symptoms of breast cancer than most women know about.
Does Finding a Testicle Lump Always Mean You...
A lump on the testicle may indicate many things, including testicular cancer. Here's what you need to know about testicle lumps and what to do if you find one.
What Is Human Papillomavirus (HPV)?
HPV is a virus linked to several different types of cancer in both men and women.Learn more about the causes, symptoms, and treatment of HPV.
How to long should I wait to have sex after...
How long should you wait to have sex after having a colposcopy? In this reader FAQ learn how long you should wait to resume sexual activity after having a colposcopy.
What Can You Eat and Drink On a Full Liquid Diet?
A full liquid diet is often prescribed after surgery. What can you eat while on the diet? This list provides examples of acceptable foods for the full liquid diet.
3 Rectal Cancer Symptoms Everyone Should Know
Rectal cancer is a type of cancer that affects the rectum. Learn what rectal cancer is and what symptoms of the disease you should watch out for.
Safest Way to Remove Steri-Strips
Ever try to remove Steri-Strips and found them not to budge? Learn how and when you should safely remove your Steri-Strips after surgery.
6 Common Pap Smear Mistakes That Women Make
There are several common mistakes women make when it comes to Pap smears from scheduling it at the wrong time of the month to having sex before the test. Avoid these common mistakes to help make your next Pap test more accurate.
Learn to Recognize the Symptoms of Bone Cancer
Bone cancer is a type of disease that affects the bones in children and adults. Learn the symptoms of bone cancer and what may lead your doctor to suspect that you have bone cancer.
A Quick Guide to the Different Types of Cancer
There are many types of cancer diagnosed each year, each affecting different parts of the body. This article lists different types of cancer, organized by regions of the body.
Top 10 Simple Lifestlye Changes That Can Help...
Explore how to prevent cancer in these simple lifesaving tips. Cancer prevention is as easy as making a few lifestyle changes that will make a huge difference!
Show Your Support: Cancer Awareness Colors and...
Awareness colors have become increasingly popular to gather attention for disease and causes. Cancer is no exclusion - many cancer types have a designated color. Here you will find a full list of cancer awareness colors.
What Exactly Does it Mean if a Person has a...
A high PSA level can indicate cancer, but false positives can happen with PSA tests. This FAQ addresses what it means to have a high PSA level.
When is Blood in Urine a Symptom of Cancer?
Blood in the urine can be common with some minor conditions, but can also indicate more serious diseases like cancer. Learn what to do if you experience blood in your urine and what may be causing it.
What Does it Mean if My PSA Test Result is High?
What do your PSA test results mean? A high PSA level can indicate cancer, but false positives can happen with PSA tests. This FAQ addresses what it means to have a high PSA level.
Worried about Skin Cancer? Here's What to Watch...
Skin cancer symptoms involve more than just moles. Learn more about skin cancer symptoms and who is most at risk of developing skin cancer.
How do you know if sunscreen has expired?
How do you know if your sunscreen has gone bad? Learn how to determine if your sunscreen has expired and why it is important for you to not use old products. You'll be surprised to learn how the shelf life of sunscreen is!
Skin Cancer Pictures
A gallery of skin cancer pictures that show real cases of skin cancer. Learn more about the different types of skin cancer and how to identify them.
Learn the History of Cancer from Ancient Egypt...
A look into the history of cancer, a group of diseases that have plagued man for centuries. Learn how cancer was discovered and treated in ancient Egypt and Rome.
Is My Ovary Pain Caused By Cancer?
Most women experience ovary pain at some times in their lives. What do you do when it becomes persistent? Learn the causes of ovary pain and when you should seek medical treatment.
What Does Cancer Remission Mean?
A look into the definition of the word remission, realting to cancer. Remission is commonly thought to be as cured, however it is not the case.
The Most Common Signs and Symptoms of Lymphoma
Explore the symptoms of lymphoma in this article. Lymphoma presents vague symptoms and is sometimes misdiagnosed initially.
Understanding What Cancer Is and How Cancer...
What is cancer? How does cancer spread? Cancer is a group of over a hundred different diseases. Learn the different types of cancer, both common and rare types.
Chemotherapy and Low White Blood Cell Counts
If you are going through chemotherapy, then learning about your white cell count is very important. Learn more about your white cell count during chemotherapy.
Learn the medical definition of the term adenopathy.
Clear Liquid Diet: What You Can Eat and Drink...
A clear liquid diet is often recommended for cancer patients before and after cancer surgery, to prepare for medical tests, or if the patient is nauseas from chemotherapy. Provided is a list of foods and drinks that are safe to consume when on a clear liquid diet.
Understanding the Symptoms of HPV
A look into the symptoms of HPV, a virus that is linked to many types of cancer. Both men and women can show signs of being infected with the virus, but there are many cases when the infected person shows no symptoms.
What are the Symptoms of Melanoma?
A look into the signs and symptoms of melanoma, a dangerous form of skin cancer.
Lymphoma: What is Lymphoma?
What is lymphoma? Learn more about the causes, symptoms, treatment, and prevention of lymphoma. Explore the difference between Hodgkin's lymphoma and Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.
LGSIL Pap Smear Result
Low Grade Squamous Intraepitheliel Lesion, or LGSIL, is a classification of an abnormal Pap smear. Learn what LGSIL is, how it is detected, and treatment for LGSIL.
The Top 7 Symptoms of Esophageal Cancer
Explore the symptoms of esophageal cancer. Esophageal cancer is a type of cancer that affects over 13,000 people each year.
Is it normal to have a heavy discharge after a...
What's a normal discharge after having a colposcopy and biopsy?
Throat Cancer
Throat cancer is a term that encompasses several different types of cancer in the throat. Learn what causes throat cancer, the symptoms, and how the disease is treated in this throat cancer overview.
Is It Safe to Drink Alcohol During Chemotherapy?
Can you drink a wine or beer during chemotherapy? Learn how alcohol can affect chemotherapy treatment.
How to Know if that Weird Bump is Skin Cancer
A look into the different types of skin cancer and symptoms associated with the variations.
Symptoms of Leukemia
Learn the symptoms of leukemia. Leukemia is a disease that affects both children and adults. Symptoms of leukemia can occur suddenly or gradually progress.
Side Effects of Radiation Therapy
Explore the side effects of radiation therapy and how to minimize them.
Lung Cancer Guide
Learn more about lung cancer in this guide to the symptoms, causes, prevention and treatment of lung cancer. Lung cancer is a common type of cancer.
Bladder Cancer Symptoms
Bladder cancer is one of the most common types of cancer. Learn more about the symptoms of bladder cancer and when you should see a doctor.
Can I use sunscreen in a tanning bed to make it...
Would wearing sunscreen while using a tanning bed be safer? Learn the answer to this and more in the FAQ about sunscreens and indoor tanning.
The ABCDE's of Skin Cancer
Learning the ABCDE rule of skin cancer can save your life! Explore what each letter represents and how early detection at home can make the difference!
Pancreatic Cancer
Learn more about pancreatic cancer, including the causes, symptoms, treatment, and prevention of pancreatic cancer.
Causes of Abnormal Vaginal Bleeding and When to...
Abnormal vaginal bleeding can be a symptom of cancer. Learn more about vaginal bleeding and cancer in this article.
Top 9 Gifts for People With Cancer
Need gift ideas for a friend or family member with cancer? Try one of the gifts on this list; it is a compilation of gifts any cancer patient would love!
Thyroid Cancer Symptoms
Learn more about common thyroid cancer symptoms.
Kidney Cancer Symptoms (Renal Cell)
A look into the symptoms of kidney cancer (renal cell). The symptoms vary from person to person, however there are symptoms of kidney cancer that almost all patients experience.
Vaginal Cancer Symptoms Every Woman Should Know
Are you experiencing vaginal lumps or bleeding after sex? These are just a few of the symptoms of vaginal cancer. Learn more about vaginal cancer and if you are at risk.
Brain Tumors and Seizures
Seizures can be common is some people with brain tumors. Discover what seizures are, how to recognize them, and they are treated in people with brain tumors.
Eye Cancer Symptoms
Eye cancer is a rare type of cancer that can affect both adults and children. Learn the signs and symptoms of eye cancer.
Pregnancy After a LEEP Procedure
What are the risks of getting pregnant after having a LEEP procedure? Explore how a LEEP can affect your pregnancy.
Hysterectomy Side Effects
Learn what to expect in the form of side effects when you undergo a hysterectomy. A hysterectomy is performed to treat a variety of conditions, including cancer.
Cervical Dysplasia
Learn more about cervical dysplasia, a condition the can lead to cervical cancer if not treated.
Top 10 Fun Ways To Prevent Cancer Through...
Studies have shown that exercising 30 minutes a day, five days a week can help prevent many cancers. A look into the fun ways to exercise, meeting the quota.Remember to always consult your physician before beginning any type of new exercise.
Liver Cancer - What is Liver Cancer?
What is liver cancer? Learn more about the types, causes, symptoms and treatment of liver cancer in this overview.
Ovarian Cancer Symptoms
Although the symptoms of ovarian cancer usually do not present themselves until the cancer has spread, there are signs and symptoms to watch out for. Ovarian cancer can be difficult to detect and if often diagnosed in later stages.
Symptoms of Multiple Myeloma
Learn more about the signs and symptoms of multiple myeloma, a type of cancer that affects the plasma cells.
What is Cystoscopy?
Learn what happens during a cystoscopy and how you should prepare for the procedure. Pain can be a concern for many patients. Discover what anesthetics are used during the procedure and what you should expect afterward.
ASCUS Pap Smear Results
Learn more about ASCUS pap smears, the most common type of abnormal pap smears. An ASCUS pap smear result is considered to be abnormal.
Uterine Cancer - What is Uterine Cancer?
What is uterine cancer? Learn more about cancer of the uterus in this in-depth overview that feature information on the causes, symptoms, treatment, and prevention of uterine cancer.
Kidney Cancer
What is kidney cancer? A look into kidney cancer, explaining the causes, symptoms, treatment, and prevention of the disease.
Blood In Stool
Finding blood in your stool or in the toilet or on tissue after you wipe can be alarming. Learn what causes blood in stools, how it can be related to cancer, and what you should tell your doctor.
Bladder Cancer
What is bladder cancer? Learn the causes, symptoms, treatment, and prevention of bladder cancer in this in-depth overview.
What is the best sunscreen for tattoos?
What is the best sunscreen for tattoos? Learn the best type of sunscreen for your tattoo and how to protect the skin.
How to Tell If Your Mole is Abnormal
If you have moles, it is so important that you monitor them for any changes that may make them abnormal. Learn what an abnormal mole is and how you can tell the difference between a normal and abnormal mole.
What is leukemia? Learn more about the different types of leukemia and the causes, symptoms, treatment, and prevention of the disease.
Brain Tumors
Brain tumors are rare but are increasing in incidence. Learn more about the causes, symptoms, treatment and prevention of brain tumors.
Weight Loss and Cancer
Losing weight without trying can be a symptom of a variety of conditions, cancer included. Learn what weight loss means in relation to cancer and what you should expect at the doctor.
Renal Cell Carcinoma - What Is Renal Cell...
What is renal cell carcinoma? Renal cell carcinoma is the most common type of kidney cancer. Learn the causes, symptoms, treatment, and prevention of renal cell carcinoma in this in-depth overview.
Methods of Treatment for Cancer
A cancer patient's treatment for cancer can include radiation therapy, chemotherapy, surgery, and immunotherapy. Many times, a combination of these treatments are used.
Diagnosing Leukemia
Learn how leukemia is diagnosed. DIagnosing leukemia is done by a number of medical tests and procedures.
Melanoma of the Eye
Ocular melanoma is a rare type of melanoma that affects the eye. Learn the causes, symptoms, and treatment of melanoma of the eye.
Patrick Swayze and Pancreatic Cancer
Hollywood star Patrick Swayze was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2008. Learn how the actor was diagnosed and is being treated for pancreatic cancer.
Symptoms of Brain Tumors in Children
Brain tumors in children are rare but there are some signs and symptoms you should watch out for. Here's what you need to know about brain tumor symptoms and your child.
HGSIL Pap Smear Results
High Grade Squamous Intraepitheliel Lesion , or HGSIL for short, is a grading system for cervical dysplasia. Find out what HGSIL is, how it is treated, and how it relates to cervical cancer.
CA 19–9 Tumor Marker Test Profile
The Ca 19-9 tumor marker test is used mainly for pancreatric cancer monitoring. This profile describes what CA 19-9 is, how it detects pancreatic cancer and what could cause the CA 19-9 levels to elevate in the blood.
High Potassium Levels - Hyperkalemia
Increased potassium levels can be dangerous if left untreated. Learn more about the causes, symptoms, treatment, and prevention of hyperkalemia. In people with lymphoma or leukemia, hyperkalemia can be the result of rapid tumor cell death, a condition known as tumor lysis syndrome.
Best Time to Have a Pap Smear
Did you know that there is an optimum time of the month to have a Pap smear done? Having a Pap at the right time of the month may yield more accurate results.
Celebrities Who Died of Cancer
celebrity cancer deaths, cancer deaths, celebrities with cancer
What Causes Blood in Urine?
Learn why blood may be present in the urine in this FAQ about a symptom called hematuria. In some cases, blood in the urine can be caused by cancer.
6 Ways to Prevent Cervical Cancer
Learn how to prevent cervical cancer. These easy lifestyle changes can greatly reduce your risk factor for developing cervical cancer.
Colon Cancer
Explore the basics of colon cancer in this in-depth feature about vital colon cancer topics like the causes, symptoms, treatment, and prevention of colon cancer.
How to Choose Sunscreen That's Right For You
Learn what sunscreen is right for you and your family to prevent skin cancer and burns.
Gastrointestinal Cancer - What Is Gastrointesti...
What is gastrointestinal cancer? Learn more about the types, causes, symptoms, and treatment of gastrointestinal cancer.
Lower Back Pain
A look into lower back pain and it's relation to ovarian cancer. Ovarasin cancer has many vague symptoms, lower back pain included.
Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma Symptoms
The symptoms of Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma are discussed, and why certain symptoms occur in the disease.
Nadir and Chemotherapy
Nadir is a term commonly used during chemotherapy, specifically in reference to the side effects of chemotherapy. Discover what nadir is, how it can affect daily living activities, and more.
Cervical Biopsy
A cervical biopsy is performed when cancer or dysplasia is suspected. Learn what to expect during a cervical biopsy and how it is done.
The Sexual Side Effects of Chemotherapy
There are quite a few side effects of chemotherapy, including sexual side effects. Although side effects do not affect everyone, many people experience them when going through chemotherapy. Learn how your sexuality may be affected during chemotherapy.
Is Cancer Contagious?
Many people question whether cancer is contagious, but are often misinformed. In this FAQ, learn if cancer is contagious and what you need to know about cancer risks.
Top 10 Hospitals For Cancer Treatment
Article lists the top 10 out of 50 cancer hospitals in the United States. The report was researched and published by U.S. News & World Report.
Low Iodine Diet Recipes
A listing of recipes that are low iodine. Low iodine diets are recommended for people with thyroid conditions, like thyroid cancer, to prepare for scans and treatment. The low iodine recipe list contains several low iodine recipes.
Gynecologic Cancer - What is Gynecologic Cancer?
What is gynecologic cancer? Gynecologic cancer is a group of cancers that affect women. Learn the types, causes, symptoms, and treatment of gynecologic cancer.
Breast Cancer Symptoms
Breast cancer symptoms are explored in this overview of symptoms to watch out for when it comes to breast cancer.
Are tanning pills safer than tanning beds or...
Are you thinking about using tanning pills? Read this FAQ about tanning pill usage and why it may not be such a good idea to use them.
Low Iodine Diet
The low-iodine diet is for patients with thyroid conditions. It is to help them prepare for radioactive iodine scans and ablations. Learn what the diet is and the foods you are allowed to eat.
What is a PSA Test?
What is a PSA test? PSA is an acronym for prostate specific antigen, a protein produced by the prostate gland. Learn what the PSA test is and how it helps detect prostate cancer. Know what to expect during the test.
How long does it take for severe dysplasia to...
How long does it take for cervical dysplasia to progress into cervical cancer? Read more about the progression of dysplasia into cancer and what can be done to prevent it.
Male Breast Cancer Symptoms and Signs
Male breast cancer symptoms are similiar to that of female breast cancer. Learning the symptoms of male breast cancer can aid in early detection.
Abdominal Swelling and Bloating
One of the more common symptoms of ovarian cancer is abdominal swelling and bloating. Learn more about this ovarian cancer symptoms and what it means.
Top 9 Cancer Symptoms Men Can't Ignore
There are symptoms of cancer that only men experience. Learn what symptoms men experience and what to do about the cancer symptoms.
Leukemia Types
Leukemia is a cancer that has many types. In this article, the different types of leukemia are explored and the characteristics of each are described.
Basal Cell Carcinoma Photo
Basal Cell Carcinoma. Cancer. Page 12.
Endocervical Curettage
Medical definition of endocervical curettage, also known as an ECC.
Prostate Cancer Symptoms
Prostate cancer symptoms are often silent until the disease is in an advanced stage. Learning to recognize the symptoms, along with regular PSA tests and rectal exams, allows earlier detection. The earlier prostate cancer is diagnosed, the easier it is to treat.
Cervical Cancer Survival Rates
A look into cervical cancer five-year survival rates, organized by stage of cervical cancer.
Vulvar Cancer - What is Vulvar Cancer?
What is vulvar cancer? Explore the basics of vulvar cancer, including the causes, symptoms, prevention, and treatment of the disease.
Bone Cancer
Primary bone cancer is a rare disease that affects both children and adults. Learn the symptoms, causes, diagnosis, and treatment of bone cancer.
5 Lung Cancer Symptoms Most People Don't Know...
Most people recognize a perisistant cough as the most common symptom of lung cancer. People need to also be aware common symptoms of lung cancer that most people don't know about.
What is melanoma? Melanoma is a type of skin cancer that can be potentially fatal. Learn the causes, symptoms, treatment and prevention of melanoma.
Pap Smears After a Hysterectomy
Do women who have had hysterectomies need to continue to have Pap smears? Find the answer here in this article about Pap smears and hysterectomies.
Melanoma Photo: Melanoma Contained in the...
In this skin cancer photo gallery, see photos of melanoma and other types of skin cancer. In this photo, you will see a case of melanoma contained in the fingernail. Page 11.
What to Expect During a Chemotherapy Session
The first day of chemotherapy can be filled with anxiety. Learn what to expect to happen on the first day of a chemo session and how you can reduce your anxiety.
Vaginal Cancer - What is Vaginal Cancer?
Learn more about the causes, symptoms, treatment, and prevention of vaginal cancer in this overview.
Top 8 Shocking Facts About Skin Cancer
The facts and statistics about skin cancer are jaw dropping. Learn the shocking facts about skin cancer in hopes of prevention!
Testicular Cancer Symptoms
What are the symptoms of testicular cancer? Testicular swelling and lumps are common signs of testicular cancer, but there are other things to watch out for. Learn more about the disease and its symptoms.
Kathy Bates
Learn more about actress Kathy Bate's struggle with ovarian cancer. Page 12.
Abnormal Pap Smears
What does an abnormal Pap smear mean? Learn more about abnormal Pap smear results. A Pap test can come back as normal or abnomral - learn the difference.
Lip Cancer Symptoms
Lip cancer is a type of oral cancer that affects the outside of the mouth. Learn about lip cancer symptoms and what to expect at the doctor's office.
Hand-Foot Syndrome
Hand-foot syndrome is a side effect of many types of cancer drugs. Learn what hand-foot syndrome is, how to prevent it, and how it is treated. Also discover how it can be prevented and what your doctor may do to treat it.
Ovarian Cancer - What is Ovarian Cancer?
Explore the basics of ovarian cancer in this in-depth feature about vital ovarian cancer topics like the causes, symptoms, treatment, and prevention of ovarian cancer.
Sunscreen or Sunblock?
Do you know the difference between sunscreen and sunblock? Learn the pros and cons of using each one and what makes them different than one another.
Lymph Nodes
Enlarged, or swollen lymph nodes, can indicate infection, cancer or another disease that affects the lymphatic system.
Rectal Cancer
Learn more about rectal cancer, including the causes, symptoms, treatment, and prevention of rectal cancer.
Can You Get HPV From a Toilet Seat?
Can you catch the HPV virus by sitting on a toilet seat? Find out the answer here in this HPV FAQ.
What is the Cervix?
What is a cervix and why do women need one? Learn more about the cervix and its function in women.
Types of Lymphoma
Learn more about the different types of lymphoma. The main types of lymphoma are Hodgkin's lymphoma and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.
Prostate Cancer
Explore the basics of prostate cancer in this in-depth feature about essential topics like the causes, symptoms, treatment, and prevention of the disease.
Squamous Cell Carcinoma Photo
Squamous cell carcinoma is the most common type of skin cancer.In this photo gallery, see cases of skin cancer to include basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and melanoma. In this photo, squamous cell carcinoma is seen in the form of a scaly, flaky lesion on the skin. Page 8.
Testicular Cancer - What Is Testicular Cancer?
What is testicular cancer? Explore the basics of testicular cancer, including the causes, symptoms, prevention, and treatment of the disease.

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