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Anna 's Cancer Story - Lymphma and Endometrial Cancer

Share Your Story: How Has Cancer Changed Your Life?

By Anna.W

Updated August 06, 2011

Anna 's Cancer Story - Lymphma and Endometrial Cancer

All Natural Cancer Cures

How Has Having Cancer Changed Your Life?

I am a second time cancer survivor. Having cancer has drastically changed my life. I became a vegetarian to heal myself. There are many times, I cannot eat out with family or friends due to my strict diet. I joined cancer forums and support groups for encouragement and support. I am more optimistic

What Type of Cancer Did You Have?

The first time I was diagnosed with Lymphoma in 1983. The second time, I was diagnosed with Endometrial cancer in 2008.

How long did you undergo treatment?

When I was diagnosed with lymphoma in 1983. I was treated with eight cycles of chemotherapy and one month of intensive radiation therapy at the Mass General Hospital in Boston, MA. It was a very harsh treatment with many side effects including nausea, loss of hair, loss of appetite, very low immune system, and low energy. Due to the conventional treatment, it damaged my heart. In 1993, I was diagnosed with a complete heart blockage and a pace maker was installed. Since then, I have had three battery generator replaced. In June 2011, I had side effects from the pace maker generator operation and was diagnosed with a heart failure.


  • Never panic or become fearful of being diagnosed with cancer. There are many treatments available for you such as alternative, natural, holistic medicine that are non toxic for the body. Changing your diet is essential. Avoid eating sugar, meat of all types, eggs, refined carbs, processed foods and try to eat organic leafy greens and colorful fruits and vegetables. Join support groups or forum and get help, advice, and associate with people who have the same type of cancer you have. You can get so much information and help. Be positive. There are many people who are cancer free and live healthy lives.

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