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"I Started to Live Again" Hoe Cancer Changed Linda's Life

Share Your Story: How Has Cancer Changed Your Life?

By linda isaacs

Updated January 26, 2011

"I Started to Live Again" Hoe Cancer Changed Linda's Life

holiday party, still not getting close to people.

How Has Having Cancer Changed Your Life?

Actually i started to live again...i had not flown for 15 yrs or more. i guess one might say " i was scared to live" i have flown 3 times so far. i visited an old college friend and my son and grandkids two times. I got a passport..just in case. I even started to date again.

What Type of Cancer Did You Have?

NHL follicular lymphoma with large B cells.

How long did you undergo treatment?

i had 6 R-CHOP cocktails IV ...one every month...followed by 15 radiation treatments . i chose a treatment facility that i really liked and was close enough to home that i could drive myself to and from.


  • do not try to keep it a secret...it is much healthier to discuss it openly
  • seek support group or telephone or online support
  • research , research, research...the computer became my BEST friend.
  • interview doctors and check out facility and staff. make sure you really feel comfortable with them.
  • ask questions, make a list, remember to bring it with you to doctor appts.
  • call the doctor anytime you think something is not quite right..let the doctor decide if it is important or "par for the course"
  • be careful of germs....stay clear of crowds and kids...really !!!

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