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"I Started to Live Again" Hoe Cancer Changed Linda's Life

Share Your Story: How Has Cancer Changed Your Life?

By linda isaacs

Updated January 26, 2011

holiday party, still not getting close to people.

How Has Having Cancer Changed Your Life?

Actually i started to live again...i had not flown for 15 yrs or more. i guess one might say " i was scared to live" i have flown 3 times so far. i visited an old college friend and my son and grandkids two times. I got a passport..just in case. I even started to date again.

What Type of Cancer Did You Have?

NHL follicular lymphoma with large B cells.

How long did you undergo treatment?

i had 6 R-CHOP cocktails IV ...one every month...followed by 15 radiation treatments . i chose a treatment facility that i really liked and was close enough to home that i could drive myself to and from.


  • do not try to keep it a secret...it is much healthier to discuss it openly
  • seek support group or telephone or online support
  • research , research, research...the computer became my BEST friend.
  • interview doctors and check out facility and staff. make sure you really feel comfortable with them.
  • ask questions, make a list, remember to bring it with you to doctor appts.
  • call the doctor anytime you think something is not quite right..let the doctor decide if it is important or "par for the course"
  • be careful of germs....stay clear of crowds and kids...really !!!
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