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June's Battle with Leukemia

Share Your Story: How Has Cancer Changed Your Life?

By June

Updated September 29, 2010

June's Battle with Leukemia

How Has Having Cancer Changed Your Life?

This came as I was ready to retire and do all those things that had been saved up "to do later".

You just never know what God has in store for you and even at my age I have learned to take life one day and sometimes one hour at a time,to enjoy my family and friends and lend a helping hand to others

What Type of Cancer Did You Have?

I was diagnosed with CLL (chronic lymphoid leukemia)in 1999 and curently doing my fifth round of chemo treatments.

How long did you undergo treatment?

I am still undergoing treatment.This is my fifth set of treatments. So far usually get about two years remission. This time I went into Acute Renal Failure and required a nine day hospital stay..home two days and back two days.


  • Always have a positive attitude, take care of your diet and lots and lots of prayers!

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