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Lymphoma Patient Stories - Coping with Lymphoma

Share Your Story: How Has Cancer Changed Your Life?

By winvt

Updated December 19, 2010

How Has Having Cancer Changed Your Life?

Having cancer made me look at life differently.I have to live every day like its my last day and never take anything for granted.Have more time for my family.Try to avoid stress at all times and be happy.

What Type of Cancer Did You Have?

I have cancer of the lymph notes (lymphoma) stage 2.I had the notes on my left side of the neck and went through surgery to remove one for diagnosis.this started with the pain on my left arm for 3years.Went to hospital for the pain all these years and no one could tell what my problem was until i developed these notes around november o9 and operated april 2010 and diagnosed.the doctor told me that my chance of healing is 90%.

How long did you undergo treatment?

I took chemo for 6months and i still have to go for radio for a month.With chemo i went through some difficult times.I lost my hair,i am always tired so much so that even when i wake up i feel like i went up the hill ,sitting for a long time also makes me tired, so i take walks and feel better.the vomiting and nausea was not that much.I sometimes break down and cry just thinking about all this and other people's situations at oncology,the worst is when i hear that someone with cancer has passed on.My worst times are when am constipated,i feel pain in my abdomen and have the urge to relief myself and when i go to the bathroom the stools are hard and difficult to come out so i have to force to get relief and this tears me,so from there i go for 2-3days with pain and difficulty sitting down.Some pain killers also made me constipated.my sex life did not change in any way.I always had pain on the arm that i use for treatmet and this went on for the whole 6months of chemo.I sometimes have hot flushes and when i am on my feet for a long time i have shortness of breath and start coughing.The days that i hated so much was when i had to go for blood tests as this was done every time before i took chemo.I was pricked so many times every time because it was not easy for the nurses to find the veins as they said were too small and when they found them most of the times blood wound not come out.I am anemic so i had to take injection(neupogen),at times about 3 injections before chemo.I always dreaded the days i had to go for chemo more so that i had to travel around 300km after every 2weeks.I have two kids so i am always wondering what will happen to them if anthing happens,they are 10yrs and 5yrs.The hospital staff makes me feel better because they are loving and caring like my family.I have the support of my family which helps me a lot.


  • Eat and live healthy.spend more time with your loved ones.Avoid negative thoughts coz they can bring you down.learn more about your type of cancer,join support groups to learn how others are coping.If you are down talk to someone who will listen to you.Do not over do yourself in anything you do to avoid fatique,be positive.FIGHT THIS ILLNESS!

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