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Two-Time Breast Cancer Survivor Story

Share Your Story: How Has Cancer Changed Your Life?

By selands55

Updated September 29, 2010

Two-Time Breast Cancer Survivor Story

How Has Having Cancer Changed Your Life?

I live each day as if it might be my last, and I try to be kind to people because that's the way I want people to treat me.

What Type of Cancer Did You Have?

I had breast cancer twice

How long did you undergo treatment?

I was first diagnosed in 1991 and then I had chemo, radiation, and a lumpectomy. that time the cancer went away for three years, when it returned in 1994; I underwent a mastectomy in April of 1995. By July they told me it was in my bones and that I would be dead in two and a half months if I did not do chemo again. I refused and began to use natural medicines like Essiac and parasite cleanses and frequencies. I am not sure what worked, but something has; I have been cancer free for 15 years.


  • I believe that you have to use every available treatment that you feel right about. And if you don't feel right about it don't do it. You are fighting your own body, so be kind to yourself. And don't forget to pray, it helps.

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