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Readers Respond: Do You Think Christina Applegate Should Have Had a Double Mastectomy?

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Updated May 02, 2014

From the article: Christina Applegate
Christina Applegate elected to have a double mastectomy despite her cancer being confined to one breast. Do you think it was a good idea for her to undergo such a drastic measure to reduce the likelihood of a recurrence?

Way to move forward after your loss!!

I was in a vehicle accident and suffered a head injury that resulted in my penis not functioning without LEVITRA (I know its VIAGRAS other sex drug partner in crime. But as far as women go, boobs don't make a person but personality is what makes the person. How come small boobed women want to be bigger and big boobed women want to be smaller. Only now she can pick the breast size she wants and her and her only will be the the one who has to live with the breasts she picks.
—Guest Christina Applegate!!!!

Christina Applegate Cancer Free

Yes, I believe Ms. Applegate made the right decision and she has helped me with decision making in the past weeks. Praise God! my Biopsy was Cancer Free. Ms. Applegate has showed courage and strength and shared with other women. That's what the Breast Cancer Community Needs. Women sharing with women in public forums. Thank you Ms. Applegate. Jeanette
—Guest Jeanette

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