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Readers Respond: What Do You Hate About Going to the Gynecologist?

Responses: 19


Updated May 02, 2014

No woman looks forward to seeing the gynecologist. From cold speculums to uncomfortable stirrups, what do you hate about going to the gynecologist?

never never never

Never going, never been, never will. It's part of the war against women, to make us feel like we have no knowledge of our own bodies. like we need stranger looking down there and raping us with the excuse of 'knowing better.
—Guest Angrybitch

I said NO creeps!

I am fifteen. Never been there, never will be. Just the idea. Cruel, disgusting, makes me rather wanna die. Oh I could just as well be a pornstar or fucking what. I'm just a girl, why?! That's a private intimate sensitive bodypart, no it's fiiine, it's not fine to be looked at and touched there. I cannot explain how HORRIBLE it would be for me in my brain and body. Painful and boundary-crossing.I hate all these people trying to recommend, convince me, force me. I don't care that it's nessecary. Stop talking to me about it. NO! Leave me and my vagina alone. Societys expectations are sickening!!!
—Guest hatevag

it's not you, it's them

I used to feel exacly like you girls. Even when I gave birth all the doctor had remarks of the types you mentioned so since birth i didnt see a gyn for 3 years! Yesterday i decided to be mature and go (i told the doc that i am really bad at this) and guess what? It didnt hurt at all! You girls deserve something better! What does it mean "come back when you are ready"? I am a math teacher and I cant imagine myself saying such a thing to a student not understanding something. Doctors shouldn't be talking like that. If you had a problem and was a specialist, I can understand. For regular checkups, go see another one
—Guest michigan

I HATE Pelvic Exams

I Hate Pelvic Exams Soo Much' It Feels Like I'm Going Into Labor. I Cried Soo Much. I Think They Should Put You To Sleep Before They Do It !
—Guest Jolissa G

i cried and screamed

today was the first time i went to to obgyn. the doc. tried to put the spectrum thing in me and after much pain and anxiety i started to cry...he then did it "blindly" with a stick with a brush end and i screamed..he got up and said he can't do it...he told me to come nack when im ready. WTF!? doi need to get balcked out drunk or what? i hated every inch of it!!!! the flourescent lights in the small windowless room made me feel like i was in questioning...my vag still is sore and burning even though the whole dame tool wasnt inserted. I HATE IT!!!!!!
—Guest 27y.o.virgin

Hate it alll

I just came back from there.. what did I hated... EVERYTHING plus the guy knows my dad so it was so f*** uncomfortable... Then all this stupid naked women draws all over the walls and the doctor's papers it just makes me sick honesty... I can still feel the pain... I hate it I hate it and I hate being a woman just because of this stupid thing
—Guest PissedGirl


It's invasive, and since I'm still a virgin, it hurts. I don't like having a stranger touch my most intimate parts...and mine hung a picture of George Clooney (of all people!) above her examining table! >_
—Guest tinygurl

Being touched

I don't like my skin being touched by strangers. Then I think about how many germs, diseases, and bacteria are in doctors offices. YUCK Much less, are their equipment properly cleaned and sterilized? Now that I'm not sexually active and postmenopausal. I don't need to go. Hint Hint Hint.


I am so dreading my "annual". I hate pelvic exams. What's so comfortable about getting a huge catcher's mit sized hand shoved up your hoo hoo?
—Guest Ze Baby

I don't see why I have to go anyway.

There is nothing wrong down there, so why would i have to go to a gyno just so they can say the same thing? Its too uncomfortable and personally thinking about going to the gyno makes me angry. I know the gyno never did anything but thinking about it makes me so mad because i don't want to go ever! They say in other sites, oh just relax and it will be fine, umm hello...they are invading my privacy, i don't care if they are doctors or professionals, i think its just too uncomfortable. I think if you don't have problems down there, then why is there any reason that you must go? Now alot of people will probably be saying all of these reasons why you must go to a gyno after they read this. This is only how i feel about the subject. I think that I shouldn't have to go if i choose not to. My mom wants me to go, as a matter of fact she made an appointment already. When i go, ill tell them i don't want it done. They can't force me into something that i don't wish to do.
—Guest anonymus:)


Invasion of my privacy! Annual visits are awful! My conditions are fine and haven't changed the last 10 years, but sure enough I HAVE to go EVERY year! Men NEVER have to go to proctologists unless they are forced because of name dropping by girls or they have a problem there.
—Guest anon


Just being a thing or object to the medical establishment
—Guest Ethelreda

I hate it all!!

I hate the pain! As a survivor of sexual abuse, I hate going...period, and I generally refuse to. The thing that gets on my nerves the most, however, is being told it's time for my "annual," as if having that exam should have anything to do with being able to get my birth control.
—Guest atheistchick

I haven't been yet...

I'm just now turning 21 years old and my mom never made me go to the gyno when I was younger, I am so scared to go. I am going alone because I am scared of what my mom will think when she hears me talk about my sexual history and I want to be on birth control. I just don't want her to think that I am a bad person... And I hear all of these bad things about gynos!!! I don't want a man down there or two people in there!!! It's gonna be bad enough that I am gonna be there all alone!!! Then, I have to trust them to not say anything about my hoo-hoo to the other people walking around in the office... I'm scared...
—Guest virgingirl

Why I hate the gyno

They do not listen when I say please use a smaller speculum. I am small inside and require a smaller object. Also, they never do much except push birth control pills or surgery.
—Guest MommaL

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