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Readers Respond: What Do You Hate About Going to the Gynecologist?

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Updated May 02, 2014

No woman looks forward to seeing the gynecologist. From cold speculums to uncomfortable stirrups, what do you hate about going to the gynecologist?

When I'm Dead

I know that pelvic exams are necessary to catch some diseases - like cervical cancer - before it's too late. For mothers who feel like it's a responsibility to their families, or for people with different values then me, I understand going to the gyno. But never me. Never. I've never put much importance on safety. I know I don't want to have children. I would be okay if I died tomorrow. So why should I care if I die when I'm 30? I value my dignity and self respect over my life. In my mind, if someone you're not hooking up with touches your vag or breasts, you punch their teeth down their throat.
—Guest we can be heroes


unbelive nonsence they check for things can see your self feel for yourself watch they what look for and feel for only problem is there needs to be home hpv test
—Guest jen


oh lets not forget about rude comments and judgemental and when you let them know you dont like being naked in front of them or being touch they say they seen it all and its just another part of the body well we all dont go walking around with our vaginas exposed and it doesnot get rid of the feeling of humiliation and intrusivenes they finger you sometimes fist you explore you they say since its not meant for sex that your not sopposed to feel violated but if you do there is something wrong you even though there are so many who do feel that way yes there are some who are open with there bodies but some of us arent !
—Guest jen

she asked me if i was ever abused!!!!!

every year I hate going. I have been to several different doctors. the one I am going to now I like. she is very nice. I had some pain so she used a smaller one. That one was a lot better...it didn't even really hurt although she said she's not sure if it reached all the way to the cervix. but she said since my health has been good she wasn't worried. anyway b/c I don't like getting these done and get extremely uncomfortable I was so nervous she actually asked me if I was sexually abused in the past.....NO I WASNT seriously. so many women have pain or feel uncomfortable and that question was uncalled for. I really wish I never had to go back....now I have to get my 1st mammogram soon hopefully that isn't as bad.
—Guest hate it...

I hate it

I hate everything about it. My doctor is nice and she tries to make it comfortable but it's completely impossible. I hate being touched, I hate people poking and prodding at my body, I hate lying awkwardly on my back with my legs splayed in the air, I hate trying to respond to inane chitchat about my job while things are shoved in my vagina. Talking to the doctor about my discomfort doesn't help. I don't want her to go slowly and explain exactly what's going to happen. I don't want to know what's going to happen, I just want to space out and think about something else and get the whole thing over and done with as fast as possible. I go because I know it's important to prevent cervical cancer, but oh how I hate it.
—Guest Lynn

my first time

my fisrt time was a nightmare it hurt and when i told the disgusting old dr he was hurting me he started screaming at me i got into a fight with him i have never gotten over it i hate gynocologist with a passion the next one was a women it was pretty upsetting too
—Guest jen

going to the gynecologist

Im 15 and went to a gynecologist wednesday in febuary 27 2013.I wad so scard ehen the put the spectrum in there .my mom was over there laughing.my gynecoligist was a woman she was nice.
—Guest gina

dont like being touched either

im not comfortable being touched by strangers in a invasive way such as a breast exam. I do become angry when ppl say they seen it all before. I don't care!! im not used showing it! I do think those ppl are stupid you Have to deal with the embaressment and discomfort being exposed and touched not the doctor. and I know those exams are important so Thats why I only allow exams if I have a problem or if I Have feeling something is wrong only then I'll be more accepting being touched. but if I don't Have any symtoms I will never allow a finger on me. and my doctor is bery kind if I don't want something then it won't happen and it makes me feel comfy to me that's a trust worthy doc unlike the creeps who give you a attitude if you say No.
—Guest Elsie


really scary those stories i never had this exam before and i don't think i can do it ,maybe when i getting pregnancy i will think about it
—Guest soso

feel expose and violated by them i hate

they exspect you to be exposed on the bottom i feel molsested and humilated i hate them i wore a girdle with whole in last time so she could just slide it in but she looked at me looked at like was crazy that is only way i feel comfortable i dont like them looking at my private parts and dont care if they seen a trillon i cant stand i get sick and blood pressure goes up i cant sleep sleep and dont care if people think i am crazy i know who wont go either because way you all do the exams i have beenraped and i dont like being naked in front of them
—Guest jen

Different Perspective

I am reading this site today because I start my OB/Gyn practice exams next week. I don't want my pelvic exam to be uncomfortable. Please believe me that there are excellent reasons for much of what we do, and excellent reasons why you should keep getting exams. We don't talk about your hoo-hoo in the hallway after we leave. If I said anything like that my preceptor would probably end my career. They are really serious about it. Also, practitioners who choose to be Gyns do it because they are interested in finding a way to help you. Not because they are creeps. Seriously? If you are a young girl and are reading this site freaking out about your up coming exam, don't freak out. It is going to be fine. People get exams and give exams every day and live happy lives. What you should do is talk talk talk to your provider about your anxiety. They want to make it comfortable for you. They want you to feel in control of the exam. Just talk to them about it. They are expecting you to.
—Guest DoingMyBest

Never Been and never will

I really hate people who say they've been and it doesn't hurt yet you're much older and have kids and didn't go as virgins. I'm 20 and still a virgin and I refuse to go. Probably because I'd just have a freaking meltdown in there. I don't like to be touched. I don't like to be naked to others. XD I've already been molested in my life. Why would I give someone with a PhD the ability to molest me as well? Of course people, will say that has never happened. Really now. There's been reports of doctors raping their patients. o.o; I'm almost 21. Never had sex, and never ever will knowing that you have to afterwards. XD
—Guest Akira

Haven't been & Ain't going.

I'm 14 and my tries to tell me I HAVE to go when I get older. Um no. They're called private areas for a reason. Not for a doctor to go putting things up there! I don't think that someone just wakes up one day and is like "Oh I think I'll be a gynecologist and touch women's vaginas for a living" -.- you must a creep to want to do that. I will never go. You can't make me.
—Guest myname

It's not so bad, Ladies.

I'm actually a bit off kilter here compared to the ladies who dislike the gyno. I've been to mine last year when I was 22 for a bladder infection and this year for my first full exam, and it was . . . well, very quick, and yes, a little uncomfortable, but that's what happens when a q-tip is wiggling around a sensitive body part. I have a male doctor, but he was very kind. He told me how to do a self-breast examination, and he was going to offer me birth control if I were sexually active. I didn't mind the stirrups. They're there to hold your legs in place so everything is nice and open. It's easier for them to get in that way, and then you don't have to hold your legs up yourself. There's a lot of stigma about going to a gynecologist, but remember, it's preventative care. It's unlikely to develop cancer when young, but it happens. I'd rather not take that chance, personally. Just relax. Most of the doctors out there really do want to help you.
—Guest Jennifer

never never never

Never going, never been, never will. It's part of the war against women, to make us feel like we have no knowledge of our own bodies. like we need stranger looking down there and raping us with the excuse of 'knowing better.
—Guest Angrybitch

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