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Readers Respond: What Symptoms Did You Have When Diagnosed with Cervical Cancer?

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Updated February 28, 2011

Don't wait

My grandmother, age 69, just passed away on aug 13th from Cervical cancer. It was the most horrid thing to ever go through. She fought it for 3 years and let me stress the horrid, painfull way she died. The reason I say this is because had she went to her yearly dr apt, she would have never cought it so late. My grandmother was a proud woman, amazing, but proud.. So if anything don't let that be you, I know ur prob young and don't care much for when your sixty but when ur sixty and have all these grandchildren who need you, you'll be sitting on ur death bed wishing you had just spent that hour once a year..
—Guest Neena


In the last two months I noticed the change in my periods,prior to that time I was getting them between 21-23 days for the last 8 years without any probelms.In the last 2 months I got my period on the 16th day which alarmed meI made a appt with my Dr had a few tests came back saying I was premenapausal. In the second month I also got my period on the 16th day the 5 days prior to that I got lower back pain pelvic pain and leg cramps which woke me up in the night and terrible night sweats,again I put it down to premenapuase. This time around I have been experiencing very bad lower back and side pain bad pelvic pain light headness for 8 days now I have passed the 16 day of my period which was when I thought it would come. I went to my doctor last week had several tests,I have got a letter saying for me to come in ASAP.Cancer does run in my family.I am feeling scared but I know at least I'm acting on it,please don't ignore symptoms if they get worse they won't go away.

Do Ihave cervical cancer?

Iam 47 with 2 daughters (22 and 11 years). I sometimes get yellowish mucous/discharge with no smell, sometimes when rub with tissue paper a pinkish traces is seen on it. sometimes my stomach become unconfortable as i'm approaching menstration. Please help me to Know what is really troubling me.Also ihave some kind of swelling on my right breast, when my doctor start observing that breast, the lump disappears and when go home when i'm alone the lump is seen very clearly by naked eyes when itouch it,i feel something like an egg. please pray for me god will bless you.
—Guest tughanigwe

my mom has cervical cancer

Several months ago my 79 year old mom was complaining of leg/back pain. As the weeks went on her pains spread to both legs, pelvis, burning during urination and headaches. I took her several dr's appointments and still no answer. They xrayed her back and hip. The tests showed that her hip bones were good and her back had mild detereating disc dasease. Still didnt explain her pains. Over a course of 6 weeks they ran 3 UTI tests all coming back negative. Her pain was so great I brought her to the ER 2 weeks ago which she was admitted because she had a stress atack in the ER and they treated it as it was a heart attack. Her heart is very healthy and still no relief and real explanation for all the pain she was having.4 days after her release from the hospital she had blood coming out or her virgina. Took her to her dr. where she amediatly sent her to OB/GYN. The dr. did a pap smear/pelvic exam where she discovered the mass the size of a baseball on her cervix. Yes its cancer.Pray for her
—Guest Christine


iam a 45 year old i have had cervicial cancer which was discovered earlier on my symptoms were mainly back pain and period type pains but now after my treatment there is no sighn of the tumour my advise if you feel unwell and somthing doesnt feel right see your doctor straight away thats what there there for mines was a great support
—Guest sonia ross


I have been going in every 6 months for a colpscopy and last march had a leep procedure done (which I was awake for and it really wasn't that bad, take pain meds before going in). I have to go back in Sept for another Colpscopy and am having bad symptoms. Bloating, painful urination, cramps that hurt more than labour pains on the left side of my lower stomach, extremely tired all the time and bleeding after sex. What is wrong with me? The doc said after the leep everything was ok!!
—Guest Jen

Newly diagnosed

I was just diagnosed 2 days ago. I am still trying to adjust to the news. My symptoms first started 7 months ago with mild cramping and unusual discharge. I blew it off as the start of menopause. When I went for my annual exam at the gyno, she had a hard time because as soon as she started the exam I began bleeding heavily. At this point my symptoms were severe pelvic pain and heavy fatigue. The results of my pap came back with high risk HPV. She had to do the biopsy at the hospital under anesthesia because of bleeding. The pathology report came back very fast. She called me the next morning with the unfortunate news. I am still trying to deal with it. I kind of knew already but was still pretty shocked. I go to see the oncologist in a few days to discuss my treatment options. Wish me luck.

i have a problem

abnormal bleeding, more vaginal discharge,back pain and leg pain
—Guest karma


Im 21 and recently found out i have HPV and abnormal cells on my cervix. Was always scared and uncomfortable going to the gyno so never received a pap smear until recently when my doctor pushed me to get one. Nothing has been officially diagnosed but still very worried at the possibility of cancer. I have also had the HPV vaccine a few years so when my doctor told me i had HPV i was shocked, lucky me huh. I have had symptoms but hard to differentiate since i've had ovarian cysts in the past. Has anyone had HPV and abnormal pap and have it not been cancer? any other weird possibilities?
—Guest Melanie

HPV Cervical Cancer Myth

Cervical Cancer is not hereditary. It is caused by HPV and only the cancer strands of HPV. Therefore, as much as you'd like to think you didn't get this from sex - you are mistaken. Also, Wart strands are not the same as the Cancer strands. Its crazy what people will make up to make themselves feel better - or make others judge them less. I was in that very same boat - come back to reality!
—Guest Tessa

my symptoms

i get frequent vaginal infections...well recently i went to the doctor for on and the doctor did and exam and she said it looks like i had hpv warts and gave me a gel well ive been using the gel the bumps arent goin away nothing has changed..but on the other hand my pelvic and adomial area have pain the pain is not often but at times it feels like 'm starting my period but my period is coming for 2 to 3 more weeks and when i urine it hurts at times it burns but the pain is like on the inside of my bladder and i constantly have a unusual discharge and down there dont smell like an infection but the smell is different from before..could you know what this is?
—Guest terk


Hi I am 33 and have 3 kids,I have been getting severe back pain and lower pelvic pain,ayellow discharge,I have had a pelvic ultrasound and it was clear could it cervial cancer? Please helpxx :-)
—Guest Siobhan

I dont know what to do

Hi I was diagnosed in 2006 n I had a total hysterectomy n 5 other surgreys to remove cancer. I haven't seen a gyn in over 8 months. The thing is I don't have a doctor and I can't find one. If I don't see one will I die? And what are the systoms? Is it a silent killer.. Help lady in Syracuse NY

Very scared at the possibility

Hi, I am 25 years old. I am a single mother to a three year old daughter. My periods are extremely heavy (super plus tampon and an overnite size pad with wings, and I still go through within 1.5 - 2 hours). I have and extremely heavy discharge that has a yellow tinge and I have honestly described it as mucus looking. I have excrutiating pain in my cervical area that I can only describe ias labour pains. One night my mother had to bring me to the hospital because I was keeled over on her floor crying for nearly 45 minutes. When I go for a pee or poop or if I have to fart or try to fart it feels like when I was pregnant, when my duaghter would push the wrong spot with a bony elbow or something. I have a history of many different kinds of cancer on both sides of my family, and cervical cancer is one of those kinds. I am very scared and worried that if something did happen to me, how would it affect my daughter? Please help with any encouraging advice.
—Guest Very Scared


I had all but the last symptom. This type of cancer is on both sides of family. I was uncertain about it, but now I will definetly make an appointment.
—Guest Concerned

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