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Readers Respond: What Symptoms Did You Have When Diagnosed with Cervical Cancer?

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Updated February 28, 2011

response to — debbielang

I am a mirror image of you! I am 54, single & live alone. The company I work for (10 yrs.) cut our hrs. back (I work only 4-8 hrs a wk) AND they took away our health care to REDUCE THEIR COSTS! No one wants to hire older people. I applied for COBRA but was denied. I too cannot pay for even the basics of living and now it is going to be mandatory? How are we to pay for that? I can barely keep the roof over my head! I seem to always fall through the cracks too and I know I will be another statistic die in a few years because of Cervical Cancer because I cannot afford health care to get the care I need. I pray for all that have this


i have an abnormal pap smear last month and i am going in for the leep procedure iamreally scared. i couldn't have the leeprocedure today because i was on my periods and now i am experiencing lower back pain and before i has heavy watery discharged. could this be cerivical cancer?

As Of 7 years Ago

well when i found out i was Pregnant with my son it was a great feeling, i was only 18 and had been with one guy only... up until i got pregnant eveything was fine, when we made a move to ILL i got a new doctor and he ran some test the verry first time i meet him, he looked at me and my mother and said i think you might have HPV..... i just looked at my mother and cried, she wanted to kill my boyfriend. but i got a call from my dovter saying it was not HPV it was in deed dispalshia, i have had 2 other kids sence then and i need to get this taking care of. i have cancer. My doctor looked at me and said if you want kids you bettter have them in the next 5 years, I did but i was so young... i am always tierd, i hate sex, it hurts so bad that there is no point. i have gained alot of whait. my craps i get pain pills for and they don't help. i bleed so bad that i have to have 2 pads and a tampon and have to change evey hour.. my case is sever, if you think something is going on PLEASE go!!
—Guest Chanisty

help me

I had cervical cancer about 8 yrs ago and was told I went into remission. I have just started bleeding after intercorse lots of cramping and have lost 54 lbs in less than 3 months....should I be worried??
—Guest Michelle M. Davis

yes ladies you can get medicaid T19

I've been reading through some of your post. My pap came back abnormal so I found this sight because I feel my doctor really didn't give me enough info. But anyways I am a case manager and work with Department of Social Services and Social Security and Medicare. To get medicaid if you do not exceed your state's limit in income, even if you already have medicare you qualify for state assistance. Sometimes if you talk with your local DSS worker they may be able to get you on medicaid if you make a little over. If you have a case where you do have cervical cancer and are not able to work you can apply for social security disability SSDI and get medicare, it's a long process and any of this is not a guarantee, but if you have no health insurance the state can help you. I suggest finding a case manager or go to your local city hall and find a medicare and social security coordinator. You really have to fight keep your strength and don't give up there is help out there!!
—Guest jacinda


I am 31,when I was 26 I had a Superacervical Hysterectomy and all the Dr removed was my uterus.I had fibroid tumors and after a biopsy I found out that cancer cells were there.Two years later my ovaries were removed. I come from a long line of women health issues. I started my period at nine and I was sixteen when a Dr found that I had endometriosis and every year after that I was in the OR for this and that always female issues.My mother had cervical cancer twice and so has every female on her mother side. Now I am having major pain after intercourse and light bleeding,also heavy discharge all the time. I have been married for ten years and I know that its not a STD. I went ahead and was tested and like I knew no STD. So know I wait to see if my pap comes back normal. The hard thing is...harded that just waiting is looking at the two girls and knowing the footsteps they are going to follow.
—Guest Christina

We are not doctors!

Whether you have insurance or not (and I went without insurance for years, and just finished paying off medical bills, so I understand) if you feel that something is wrong, go to a doctor! A pap smear takes all of five minutes, so bite the bullet and go in. I had my first pap smear in 2009 when I was pregnant and it was fine. March of this year I had one and it came back abnormal. I go in may for a colposcopy and biopsy. You are never too young to go to a gynecologist. It could save your life or keep your mind at ease. Your reproductive health is important, so see a doctor! It has been posted, I'll post it again: you cannot be diagnosed on the computer! Post your suymptoms andd concerns, but don't expect anyone to reply "yep, you have cancer," it's different for everyone Thank you!
—Guest see a doctor

I have HPV, Follow Up PAP in 3 days

I was diagnosed with HPV last year, but for the past month I have been feeling strange. I am always tired, having pelvic pains, light bleeding between periods, and a large amount of milky colored watery discharge along with itchiness. Have to get my re-pap in a few days since I have a HPV type that causes cervical cancer. Please pray for me
—Guest ashley


I am not really sure of if I have it yet or not I am finnaly taking the step (kinda at the point of no choice now) to find out something on my symtoms. years ago I started having sever pain when having sex, litterly felt like a knife cut me open I would screem and cry just to go to the bathroom afterwords well eventually went for a check up and the obgyn just said use gel and didnt check for anything was very rude and hateful but then on down the road after a divorce of 22yrs. I now am having proublems with severe pain like around where my overies would be , hystormomy... but I would hurt so so awful cramping , my lower back at times would just kill me I couldnt hardly move and then I have started up diarrea for a whole month now , with a yeast infection or something for two weeks. I have tried to get in to see a obgyn but when I called was refused service because now I am on medicade and medicare I have as well now a heart condition. Seeing a dr. to get the ball rolling tomarrow

cervical cancer

I am not sure what is going on with my body. I had a leetz procedure over 2yrs ago. Was told all fine. I have not had pap smear since. Symptoms include...tiredness, backache, dull pelvic ache. Bleeding before my period for a few days followed by very heavy painfull period. I put it down to pre-menopause, i am 42.
—Guest Lee

in pain all the time...

Bleeding 25 days out of the month. Cramps everyday. Sever pain in my legs and upper back betweew shoulders. Extreme fatigue!!! I'm 36 years ol....
—Guest jackie

My Symptoms

I had an abnormal pap 9 years ago, which led to a LEEP procedure because they found precancerous cells in the cervix. Now, for the past 6 months, my periods have been extremely heavy but only last 1 1/2 to 2 days and then start again a few days later. I have been experiencing severe pelvic and abdominal pain during sex, after sex, and even without sex. I've been running a mild to high fever every day for the past 6 weeks now, very exhausted (thought it was due to teaching and chasing my 2 yr old around), and experiencing headaches, chest pain, and numbness in my right leg. I went in for sonograms last week and discovered two areas on my cervix. I had another pap done yesterday and am now awaiting the results. It has been the roughest few months (and weeks) ever! My doctors don't seem to believe that anything is wrong, but I know my body. I have learned to demand that tests be done to find the problem. These are the same symptoms as 9 years ago. Get checked regularly, ladies.pl
—Guest mommyofone

Cervical Cancer Symptoms

At the age of 18 on my very first Pap Test it came back as pre-cervical cancer. I had no symptoms that I was aware of. After my procedure to remove the pre-cancer I realized that I had experienced pain during sex that wasn't normal, that I wrote off as "normal". It was a horrible sharp pain that only happened if I was in a certain position.
—Guest Cyndi


I have had no symptoms ever up until now. I have had a pap come back with low grade dysplasia for 2 1/2 years, up until last year June - when I got a clean bill of health. I experience a burning sensation right after sex, and it continued for two days when urinating. I had taken a full physical exam a week 1/2 ago prior to this newest symptom. I have also been experiencing neck and arm pain - basically upper torso pain (which I did have at the time of my physical). I speak with my doctor today. I'm writing bc I want those of you who are experiencing this to know my symptoms and results. I haven't had any known discharge, but at one point an odor that was pungent. This is either my HPV resurfacing, which I didn't know could happen or a STD. I had a full panel done. Ladies, we need to use condems. It's not worth all this!
—Guest Scared but not Alone

cervical cancer symptoms

i have been reading a list of cervical cancer symptoms, but until I started abnormal bleeding, the only real symptom I had was a horific back ache that just simply would not go away. So anyone that has that problem should be checked. Also get health insurance. I am 53 and work for a company that does not provide health insurance and yet does not pay me enough to afford my own after basic living expenses are paid. I was diagnosed with cervical cancer and what scares me more than fighting the disease is dying from it because I cannot pay for my treatment. Yes there are many clinics out there that will diagnose you for free but none that will pay for your treatment and if you over 18 with n o dependant children you can't get medicaid. So whats aperson to do? We need health care for those of us that fall through the cracks. Sorry just venting.

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