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Readers Respond: What Symptoms Did You Have When Diagnosed with Cervical Cancer?

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Updated February 28, 2011


Iam 56 years old a mother of 23 and 18year old. Of late I am having smelly discharge. Sometimes my underwears have a pinkish discharge and the smell is alot. I cannot even remove the panty when there are people around. I do have back pains on and off. Should I go and see a gaenocologist?. Ineed somebody to give me an answer
—Guest wanjiru

my thoughts

I have most of these symptoms but not that long ago I had went to the doctor and got checked and was positive for HPV Virus. I dont know if its from the HPV or not.
—Guest chelsea

symptoms of cervical cancer

A few months before I was diagnosed, I noticed I was feeling extremely tired, not just sleepiness, but EXTREME fatigue. I could barely function as a result at times. About 2 months before diagnosis, I started noticing that the pain during and after sex was increasing, it had been there for several months, but I only felt a slight discomfort until then. I also noticed the same type of pain BEFORE sex, as in when I was horny, which I found to be very odd. Starting about 2 or 3 weeks before diagnosis, I started rapidly losing weight. In 18 days, I lost 22lbs! That's when I KNEW something was wrong and decided to get checked. I also had not had a pelvic exam since my youngest son was born five years earlier. By the time I was diagnosed, I was at stage 2b. Even before I'd had any noticeable symptoms I just "felt" like something wasn't right, but I didn't go to the doctor b ecause I thought it would seems silly. Women, you know your bodies!! If something doesn't feel right, let someone know!
—Guest Kristi

vaginal bleeding

hi im just 21 years old..i have slight vaginal bleeding during se, pelvic pain and it was 3 days ago started feel pain during urination.. wat will i do..? im afraid

vaginal bleeding

i am only 21 years old se xually active one year ago, i experinced vaginal bleeding during sexual intercourse, pelvic pain and 3 days ago started to feel pain urination.. what will i do? plz help me
—Guest lj

make that appt before its to late

I get my paps every year usually everything is fine, I got a call from my obgyn, my last pap was abnormal. I am kind scared, I have been going through numerous brest exams and other medical concerns, my mom just passed away from colon cancer. I hate the word CANCER, I hope things turn out ok. Thats why its importantto get paps yearly. make that dreaded appt for gods sake>before its to late....
—Guest mama

I am confused

i got a pap smear in feb of 09 and it had irregular results so they did the coploscopy thingy and told me once the results got back that the cells were in a state of transition and to come back in 6 months. i went back and got a second pap and they have called and said that the dysplatia has gone from mild to moderate and scheduled me for a second coploscopy thingy. I have been having horrible headaches, peeing more and sleeping for 13+ hours a day and still find myself tired. i have had discharge that is mostly a pale yellow color and i am almost sure it is cervical cancer. i have had regular paps so i am very confused as to how this could have happened.
—Guest Saffire

Abnormal pap

I am 32 yrs old. I recently had an abnormal Pap. Only then did I clue in to the symptoms. I had spot bleeding between periods. I was a little more tender with deeper sex. I have felt like a bladder infection starting, but it never did. I noticed a few months ago my lymph node is swollen (inner hip joint area). I have headaches, not sure if it is just stress or symptom. I am sure there is something more going on. I get my Paps annually and have been in a committed relationship... so I am really concerned how long it has been undetected....
—Guest me guest


i am 44 and had a 'feelong' something wrong, asked for a smear in feb, got results in april which showed slight changes but was told they were so slight that they will prob return to normal, i asked for another and had 2nd one in july and results were 'abnormal'! am having colposcopy in oct! been telling doc's and GP that been having irregular bleeding in between periods, after intercourse and had a strange morning where my legs felt really weak! so lets just hope to god its all nothing and i'm neurotic or maybe i'm pregnant!!! (one suggestion that kept cropping up, even though i'm sterilised!!) good luck girlies, i wish you all the best results possible. xx
—Guest marcia

do i have cervical Cancer?

Hi, My Name is Roz and i live in Australia. i had a terrible fall a fell years ago which caused very bad pains in my pelvis and had smelly discharge coming away from me which wasn't present before. and just recently i was assaulted and started in the back need the hemi pelvis. after that the the discharge and the pain is getting intents. i have a fever and gets very tried and nausa...do i have cervical cancer?
—Guest Roz

ive been diag

Here were my symt. Vaginal bleeding after incourse,lower back pain, abdomine cramp

Have i left it too long????

For about the last 6 months ive really suffered with my periods.I have pretty much bled on and off the whole time and if im not bleeding i have waterly and sometimes thick discharge.....i may be on a period, come off a period, have discharge and then come back on again. Its just an ongoing thing. Im so tired and in lots of pain because my periods are so heavy and im only 20. I sometimes have pain during sex and last time i had sex i bled afterwards...Im finally off to the doctors today.
—Guest Gemma

im scared.

in the last few months i have noticed a huge change in my cycle, i have experienced extreme pain during my periods and unusual pain when i am not on my period. I have had vaginal warts in the past and fear that this could cause cervical cancer. I feel the pain nearly all the time and am going to go and see the doc but want to know if anyone else has experienced this? Thanks.
—Guest me

First Symptoms

I was just in for a biopsy, after vaginal bleeding for about 2 months. At first the nurse practicianer did not react to the symptoms, then caught the mistake to order the biopsy as soon as possible. I am 65. I did not have pap smears after 50. This was a huge mistake. After having the biopsy, I'[ll wait a week for the results. The external bleeding sign can be weak with signicant bleeding at the cervix. Don't wait for increased bleeding. Go get a check up right away. Then read your head off, so you can prepare yourself.


I am worried about my mum, she went for a smear test the other week, and every time she sneezes she is in pain. She got blood tests yesterday and she was crying in the restaraunt. She won't tell me whats wrong and that is really rare.
—Guest Star

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