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Readers Respond: What Symptoms Did You Have When Diagnosed with Cervical Cancer?

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Updated February 28, 2011

From the article: Cervical Cancer Symptoms
Cervical cancer symptoms can be vague or even non-existent in the early stages. As the disease progresses, more specific symptoms begin to appear. Did you experience any cervical cancer symptoms when you were diagnosed? If so, what were your symptoms?

Don't Take Your Health For Granted!

I recently had a pap that came back abnormal when I was pregnant, I chose not to have it taken care of then because there was a risk to my unborn baby. Now 1 and a half years after my daughter was born, I am having a lot of the symptoms of cervical, ovarian, and uterine cancer and fear it has spread. I went for an internal ultrasound yesterday and go in Thursday for the results. Most states have free clinics, family planning, if you are broke you can apply for medicare to pay for an appointment to you Gynecologist. There is no excuse for not taking care of your health, how can you take care of your children if you aren't healthy? I have a 12 year old and a 1 1/2 year old and I would be devasted if I wasn't there for their graduations, marriages, etc as would they be. If you are having symptoms or are worried, make some phone calls, not excuses.
—Guest NO JOKE

Cervical cancer

I am saddened by how some guest are so critical of other women. Where's the sisterhood? Where's the compassion or sympathy for those less fortunate? I say less fortunate not because of financial circumstances, but less fortunate because perhaps no one ever told those ladies how important their lives are, or how they should come first... I feel a lot of this ignorance is caused by a lack of self-worth... Some of us are so busy taking care of other people that we forget to take care of ourselves. So, with all that said. I was diagnosed with an HPV that causes cervical cancer 12 years ago. I had the LEEP procedure done and have had a yearly pap smear ever since and am happy to say, I am good. I had no symptoms!!! Every woman should have a pap smear yearly... If you feel you cannot afford it, there are medical assistance programs like medicaid for every state. Call your local health department or call 311 for more information. God bless you


I might be wrong but I believe a lot of women on here are mainly looking for others in the same situation to confide in. They want reassurance in a time of panic, it makes me beyond angry and ashamed of the human race when I read other peoples comments that are inconsiderate and offensive! Some people may not know of or have access to information on places like planned parenthood and that's not their fault! They came on here for advice, for people to listen without judgement to their concerns and even find out how they can get help for themselves. They are being proactive by coming on here and asking!!! I think some people on here are displaying their lack of morality. Take care of yourselves ladies.
—Guest !!!

This Might Help

while pregnant with my son, i was diagnosed with hpv. they said that due to hormones it surfaced and that after i gave birth it would cease. but it didnt, for 8 months after i had him i had a change in discharge and my period. after several failed dr. appointments checking for std's & bacterial infections i came to my own conclusion that it was hpv. abnormal bleeding, strange thick discharge, and alot of it. burning while peeing, pain in vagina and much more. i have now scheduled a colposcopy & i would advise everyone else do the same in order to have the cells on your cervix examined. good luck ladies! & remember even if you are diagnosed with hpv or cervical cancer, it is treatable and the fact that you are taking control and getting help is the start !
—Guest Jade

Take immediate steps - Check It Out!

To all, These sites are to be used as helpful tools to pass on vital information that can help save your life. I too have been working with doctors to determine the level of my HPV positive condition at the age of 52 and my quarterly abnormal pap smears. I had the pain during intercourse, the bleeding after sex and strange smell and light to moderate discharge. I had cryosurgery in Dec 09 to freeze off some bad tissue (not cancer). You need to check out any abnormality and not take it to chance. Prevention and positive attitude must rule in your worlds. You, your children and family are depending on you because they love you unconditionally and need you. So be good to yourself. Just had my third coloposcopy this past Friday, and took my specimen personally down to the lab to hand it off. Boy am I freaked out. But you know what? I gotta believe because I got in there early that if it is cancer, I will nip this thing in the bud because of being proactive. Stay well in body and mind.
—Guest Sybil


First of all i'd like to say gd luck to everyone! I found out i have severe cell change on december 31st, had a colposcopy and biopsy done monday 10th and still waiting results. I had a watery discharge and a little pain the first few days, 3 days on i had a foul smelling discharge which has now gone since i started bleeding quite heavy, the pain has also gradually been getting worse in my pelvic area. Also iv been getting dizzy much more often when i stand. Has anyone else had these symptoms and if so what was the outcome of your results? xXx

Cervical Cancer

I was diagnosed in May 09 with invasive cercical cancer. I had a radical hysterctomy, chemo radiation and brachotherapy.. I went back for the first couple of visits and then i just stopped. No excuses. Now i am having pains in my lower abdomen... legs aching.... i have made an appointment with my Dr. but it's not until March 7 and i am scared to death of the outcome... Can anyone tell me what this may be?/

my symptoms

sharp constant pain throughout pelvic area and lower back pain. standing, streatching, coughing, laughing or moving is very painful. can not sleep do to discomfort.
—Guest carrie

Omg!! The hatred and ignorance..

This is to the one woman telling us that we can afford 40. If we have kids!! I am 40 years old single mom and my entire income is 200 bucks per month because I have been too ill the past two years to get a job. Most of the time I do not even get the two hundred because my ex is a total deadbeat. I do not qualify for Medicaid here in Texas because they consider my automobile that isn't even paid for yet an asset.. It is on the repo list now so maybe then I can get my free pap and cancer treatment if I can figure out how to get to all the places that can help me.. Do I walk 100 miles with cervical cancer and drag my kids along?
—Guest Kim

My Sypmtoms

Low grade fever, Abdominal pain, Pain during urination and intercourse, always tired I could sleep 24 hours streight, And blood! If i saw a bloody Pad/tampon in the trash can I would start bleeding, after intercourse, after examination, there was a lot of blood! in 1 year and and 10 months the Dr.s at parkland hospital in Dallas texas might say i'm in remission!
—Guest Robin

my symptoms

first noticed something wrong because of very slight discharge, whiteish. went to doctor-treated for slight bacterial infection. three months later, slight discomfort during sex. two months after that, slight bleeding after sex. immediately back to doctor who did pap, (bled when she scraoed), pelvic, ultrasound and blood work. be careful out there. be proactive.
—Guest missmary

To all who are worried w/out insurance

I don't have medical insurance but I get free pap smears from Planned Parenthood every year. They will accept any amount you can give, even 5$ and if that's too much they will not turn you away. If you don't seek help you have only yourself to blame. Think about your children your all so worried about and call Planned Parenthood. They are nationwide and free. NO EXCUSES!!! God helps those who help themselves. Be smart get checked. For the others blaming their doctors get a second opinion. It is your right to see a different doctor if the one you are seeing is not helping you. Get up and do something instead of being a victim. Women must stand strong and fight.
—Guest Lilybadilly

4th Stage Pre-cervical

Was 2 month past my yearly pap-smear. Felt extremely tired all the time. Had no other symptoms. Get your exam on time and have it done twice a year if you are worried about it even if the doc doesn't think you need to. Better to be safe than wait till it's too late.
—Guest Annie

I'm worried

Well I'm 25, I have recently recieved my invite for a cervical smear test, having read the info I got and then checked out this website I'm very concerned. I have some of the symptoms described including bleeding inbetween periods and often after sex, I sometimes get a pain in that area aswel as backache, also I often feel very tired! I have made an appointment to see my gp I just hope all is well x
—Guest Hana

im scared!abnormal discharge daily???

i have been having discharge dailt 4 about 4 months and it scares me so much its become part of my daily routine i has a strong odor and sometimes comes out like "cottage chesse" and i also get chills wen i have sexual intercourse it hurts me really bad im going crazy idk wat to do i have no money to go ton obgyn! prayers to everyone
—Guest sydee

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