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Readers Respond: Metallic Taste During Chemotherapy

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Updated May 02, 2014

Many cancer patients experience a metallic taste during chemotherapy. We want to know what worked and didn't for you during chemotherapy. Was there certain foods you avoided? What foods helped? Tell about how you have coped with having a metallic taste because of cancer treatment.

Metallic Taste

I find that Chinese food helps me, ice cream, shakes also help a whole bunch and mint gum , hard candy...
—Guest JUDY R

Metallic Taste

One of the few things I was able to taste was Ice Cream. Also, I was able to taste Chinese Food at the beginning of my treatment, but for some reason I started to hate the taste later on.
—Guest ikhan1


I have not had chemo (Velcade) for 7 month but the metallic taste and smell continues to be a problem.
—Guest Jewel Sigaty

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