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Readers Respond: Help for Acid Reflux During Chemotherapy

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Updated June 08, 2010

Acid reflux, often called heartburn, can be common while undergoing chemotherapy and after treatment has ended. We want to know how you have managed acid reflux during chemo -- what helped and what didn't? Share Your Tips

Bicarbonate of soda

When ever I had acid reflux during my chemo,I use to mix a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda with half glass of cold water n drink it down n instantly felt better..
—Guest ghaz

Staying still after eating

Sitting upright in the recliner for about 30 minutes after eating really my heartburn. I never had it before chemo and now that chemo has ended, I still have heartburn.
—Guest Jerry

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Help for Acid Reflux During Chemotherapy

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