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Readers Respond: The Worst Gift I Received During Cancer Treatment

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Updated May 02, 2014

Hideous. Inappropriate. Thoughtless. These might have been what you were thinking as you opened gifts last holiday season. It seems sometimes that when someone has cancer, it can throw off friend or loved one's gift giving skills. They don't mean to give lousy gifts, but some feel the cancer factor changes things. For a lighthearted laugh and to give other suggestion of what NOT to give as gifts to their loved ones with cancer, tell us the worst gift you ever received while going through cancer treatment.

Welcome Gift

The most welcome gift I got when going through cancer was a medicated sheepskin. It saved me from bedsores and was soooo comfortable.
—Guest Chriso

Gift ideas

Last year I was diagnosed with lung cancer and over two hospital visits rcvd numerous bunches of flowers. Good intentions however when you can not breathe flowers are not so great. Best gift was some lovely PJs wore in hospital and recovering at home
—Guest Donna Baker


I had just begun round one of chemotherapy. My secret santa got me a hair dryer. Nice.
—Guest Carra

What were they thinking?

I was going through chemo about 5 years ago and my friend bought me a kitten. A kitten! A kitten for me who was so sensitive to smells that I had to leave the house when food was cooking. How did my friend think i would deal with a gross litter box? Needless to say, the cat was regifted the same day to my neice.
—Guest Terri
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