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Readers Respond: How Has Cancer Affected You?

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Updated July 14, 2009

From the article: What Is Cancer?
Cancer: Either you have had it or know someone who has. Since nowadays cancer is being diagnosed more frequently, it is common to be directly or indirectly affected by it. How have you been affected by cancer? Share Your Cancer Story


i looked this up because i am only 12 and had to write a bunch of entries, so i decided to write a short chapter book. I chose to do it on a cancer patient who is only 15. this helped me learn more about what i am writing about. I am praying for all of those with cancer. god bless you
—Guest writer

Parotid tumour

My husband had a benign parotid tumour for35years but all of sudden it started growing.after surgery it was found tobe an aggressive type of mucoepidermoid carcinoma stage 4.He is under treatment ,there is extensive lung and skeletal metastasis but he is a fighter and survivor.Everyone tells him that he does not look like he has the disease but at times I find him very quite i wonder what he is thinking I only pray to God to give him the mental strength to fight the disease and to spare him the physical and mental suffering.
—Guest Adu

Renal Cell Carcinoma (Kidney Cancer)

My dad passed away May 2011 from kidney cancer. I was angry for a while because he suffered a mini stroke about fifteen years ago that required him to have monthly check ups at the doctor. Why didn't they find it? It wasn't until one day one doctor did, and had she been a few weeks late with the diagnosis, he would have been dead then. On a brighter note, I've been blessed. I almost lost him in 2007, and again last year, but God gave him another year and 3 months. I miss him so much. I pray one day there will be a cure.
—Guest Angela Nisby

No treatment

I found out I had cancer with a DR-70 after being just "sick" and breaking fevers for over a half a year. I don't have insurance so I'm not going through treatments, honestly, after reading the things, I have the same emotions. I break fevers and get sick if I eat, but otherwise I still have a life and can function. In the back of my mind though, it's always there, with more fatigue (16hrs a day this weekend) I've decided to see where I stand. Looks like the treatment's worse than just letting go to be honest. I'll keep watching for "good" stories in the meantime. I'm sleepy/weak/and work in spurts, otherwise all is physically well. I'm kinda scared of dying, only because I'm only 29 and I feel like it (my life) just begun. The good thing is, I have no expiration date like most people get from a doctor, just urges for more tests I can't afford anyway. I wish you all the best, pray...it does help.
—Guest heather


Sight. It's a beautiful thing. When I was eight I realized my right eye could not see as well as my left. I ignored it because with both eyes open it made no difference. Eventually when I was eleven I told my parents about this. They took me seriously because I have always been serious. The optometrist told my mother that he couldn't focus my eye. Eventually through a long chain of doctors I ended up at sick kids. There they gave me an MRI. I found out I had an optic glioma, a fancy name for a tumour made of a special type of tissue. This tumour was what severely impaired the vision in my eye. It was beignin, therefore it was no much of a threat. When I was fourteen, after a yearly MRI they found out that it had grew. They took action with chemo. I appreciate simple things like hearing, seeing and moving alot more now. I'm fifteen and I still have 43 weeks of chemo. Yay? I'm thankful for the comments and the support from my parents and the country I live in (free healthcare, yay) ;)
—Guest Resef

my grandpa

I search this up because im 11 and my grandpa died of lung cancer August 28th 2011 and i wanted to know how he got it and why the doctors didnt catch it early enough. Also i wanted to know some signs of cancer. It is very heartbreaking and you will be missed grandpa "teddy" I Love You
—Guest granddaughter

How Has Cancer Affected Me

Being a Breast Cancer Survivor has been a very difficult 28 months for me and my family but I have to say that it has definately changed my whole life, my body but most of all my mind-set. Now knowing that my DR knew there was an issue and a reccommentation 2 years previously from my Mammogram in 2007 has taught me that Dr's don't always have the right answers. My Dr felt that he knew me better than I did and did nothing which when I had my mammogram done 2 yrs later the news was devistating. Now after having a double mastectomy, and over a year of reconstructive surgeries and more tests I am a survivor. I no longer trust my Dr to make decisions for me. I now have to see the results of each and every tesy I have done, I get a copy and in some cases get a second opinion. I have changed my life now with a better, healthier diet and lots of excercise. I walk every second day 5-6kms And I walked 60kms just 4 mths after the Mastectomies and did it again this year.


I have liver and bone cancer which were picked up by my gp after an x-rau, mri scan and a bone radioactive scan - none of the hospitals detected anything other than wear and tear. As gp not happy, I then had a ct scan and a biopsy which revealed my previous breast cancer cells (11 years ago) had returned to my liver and bones. I am now having chemo for my liver and a bone strengthening drug. I am not curable but treatable. All I can say is "thank God for my gp, who had once opened the can of worms, had to continue"
—Guest Jean Ramsey

Cancer and the lies the doctor's tell

It took ten months to beg for a biopsy of my thyriods, even after begging and telling them that both my mom and grandmother had throat cancer. Finally did biobsy to find out sure enough I had thyroid cancer. Ever since then I've gone down hill on a speeding bullet and no one can tell me what is wrong. Now I suffer with a full body rash, that causes severe burning and a red/purplish rash, plus severe bone pain. I now take 100,000 units of Vit. D, but the rain kills me. The sad part, no one cares. Even my heart bow suffers with A-fib and I'm retaining water throughout my body. God help us all!
—Guest Awful side effects

what else is going to fail me?

Mokie has undergone many treatments and surgeries. Now I have a new pc and he is finding more things wrong. The other day he said WOW your TSH is too high so he said go for a MRI(it was like standing next to a buzz saw for 30 minutes)the radiologist found a mass by my pituitary gland which is right next to my veins for my eyes.I was shocked but knew there was something going on since my sight had gone down hill quickly.They told me that the mass is putting pressure on your eyes. GREAT now I have one more surgery to throw on my pile.Before all the Cancer treatments I never had any problems.
—Guest mokie/2

Trying to look on the bright side.

In 2004 I was diagnosed with Lg cell B cell Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma. My lg tumor was wrapped around my bowel. I was so fortunate that I didn't need a colostomy I was in the hospital for 2 weeks and went home and developed an abscess.Back in the hospital for 2 more weeks. I developed blood clots I had 6 treatments of CHOP-R. It was devastating for me and my family. I went through so many infections and set backs that my treatments were every 4 weeks instead of 3. Spent 4 weeks in the hospital. Lost all my hair which was the least of it all. One is never the same but I do have a strong faith which really saw me through. I am now considered a survivor. Everyone tells me I look so good if they only knew how I felt inside.I hear so many 2nd and 3rd cancers ,it does concern me. Just keep a strong hold on to my faith and keep looking up for God's help.
—Guest Etta

I've lost everything

Had a great job, husband doing well, life was good, then diagnosed 10/09 with Metaplastic breast cancer (very rare) & nothing has gone right since. Still have "a" job, not the one I loved. Still have a husband, but his mind's gone from not enough oxygen at night and now I can't go to the oncologist because we don't have the money...had $25,000 in 10/09...spent all of it on what our so-called insurance didn't pay. Now we're broke.
—Guest Rootie

sad story

my mom (84 years) she affected stomach cancer.we have no aware ness about it.now we are counting the days.now she is poor in health. now i have to learn aware ness of cancer from about .com many thanks .
—Guest geethaabinaya

My mom just passed in June

She is the 6th person in her immediate family to pass of cancer. Went in on 2nd passed on 27th still in shock. It was Adeno. Told it was a hernia from a prior surgery. Her story just doesn't make sence. It's been a medical cover-up since day one.
—Guest Darla Baldonado.


Glioblastoma STAGE 4 for my Dad AGE 70. Every day woke-up in the morning asking god y he is hurting good people. Happy n Hard Days in my life.
—Guest Yokesh

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How Has Cancer Affected You?

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