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Readers Respond: What Symptoms Led to Your Cancer Diagnosis?

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Updated May 02, 2014

From the article: Symptoms of Cancer
For most people with cancer, a persistent symptom is what prompted them to seek medical attention that eventually led to a cancer diagnosis. What symptoms did you experience that resulted in being diagnosed with cancer?


I feel tired, pain in left leg, loss of appetite, never want to do anything
—Guest Charmaine darnell


symptoms are weight loss,chronic cough,low fever,fatigue,pain in muscles,acidity,chronic bloated abdomen,loss of appetite. since 5 months
—Guest nivi


okay, so yesterday my head was hurting real bad so i went to bed early. when i woke up today, i felt dizzy and light headed. could this be cancer? also i forgot to say i have a cold and congestion in throat. so im hoping thats what it is.
—Guest kari

ceviour headache

alternate headache and sometimes body pain..now a days urine colour like deep yellow..


I'm 22 year old male.my symtoms are weight loss and hair loss
—Guest Kandeeban

ready for answers

I am a 50 yr old female, I went to dr for exam which was VERY painful, I have had many painful exams but this was realy bad, Doc said I had lots of redness with many lessions, she sent it to lab. Symptoms that i have had for a long time are: chills, abdominal pain frequent urination with burning, nausea. This is the first time any doc has ever mentioned are tested anything, I am very sick and I have to work thanks for listening btw I have not been sexually active for many years so couldnt be std
—Guest Suz


Recently , I been vomiting , Loss of appetite , feeling tired everytime and I am afraid that this might link to stomach cancer .... Anyone please help me , scared...
—Guest Elvin

i have a question about

my husband is loseing his voice and has a constant cough has blood n bowel stomache pains coughs up blood at times diarreah loss appetite what can it be
—Guest solina


18 months ago i had hip andlower back pain which got worse were i carnt lie on ither side or lower bk am tied constantly and in pain day and night sometimes it feels like iv golfballs in both sides iv no overies my pain relife dosnt work i feel so ill sometimes am waitng for a hospital apointment my dr is sending me to an othapedic but its an oncoligist i need to see this isnt right that amount of pain and tiedness
—Guest jane

scared lifeless

I'm a 14 year old girl, I have shoulder pain,6 swollen lymph nodes on my groin and 8 on my neck they have been there for a year, everyday I get more and more weak, when I strand up I feel like I'm going to pass out,I have great vision but it blacks out all the time,I sweat at night,I need to know, can it be cancer?
—Guest pineapple

Could it be cancer?

I'm 21 years old... I found a small, blue bump in my mouth back in October. I also have a mole on my leg which is odd and I've been avoiding getting it checked out. Within the past couple weeks, I've been extremely tired, eating makes me sick (I force myself to eat, and I've still lost 5 pounds in the past week), I've had bowel movement changes, and a fluctuating "cold" for about a week and a half... I've also been getting "the chills," consisting of severely shaking, which is uncommon for me. I have a biopsy in less than a week, and I'm trying to go in for blood tests this week. I just graduated from college and am applying to Ph.D. programs... which now seems to be the least of my worries.
—Guest djk

He and His Grace

Im 26 yr old now. I am a male. Ive smoked weed for the the past 6 yrs of my life occasionaly. But since 2009 i left home to stay in a hostel for my Engg studies. It was here, that I started smoking tobbaco on a regular base. My smoking increased, and I should end up smoking, atleast 10 to 15 Cigarettes a day. Everything was fine, for two years, nothing happened. Then all of a sudden in July 2011 , I experienced a severe jaw pain. A small black coloured swelling (tumour) appeared just in front of the throat opening on the upper side of my mouth, just near to my left Jaw. Prior to this, I had also experienced bleeding near my cheek lines, but was careless about it. The bleeding was very slight ,though could be recognised and felt by myself. Now, as my Jaw pain increased, I also got a heavy fever and fell very sick. I had fever for around 5 days and was feeling very weak. I could nt open my mouth fully, as my Jaw was hurting. By checking on the internet for these symptoms. I kind of had


I am a 50 year old male, and lately have severe back pain tired all the time and blisters on my inner lip it happens when I'm asleep first I was thinking was biting my lip that's not the case
—Guest ray


hi i am a 23 year old female i have been sick all the time and also have the runs alot and get dizzy and sleepy very easyly i am not an unhealthy person have been to my doctors so many times now and he thinks its stress but i no its not can u help me!!!!!!


I have pain in my back. I stay tired all the time. I get short of breath easliy. My Dr. say's my red blood cell count islow so she has got me an appointment to see the oncologist soon.

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