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Readers Respond: What Symptoms Led to Your Cancer Diagnosis?

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Updated May 02, 2014

From the article: Symptoms of Cancer
For most people with cancer, a persistent symptom is what prompted them to seek medical attention that eventually led to a cancer diagnosis. What symptoms did you experience that resulted in being diagnosed with cancer?

Am i diagonised with cancer

Having severe pains in my lower abdomen, rash on my face with deep dark spots .i had a one day period n after hand a yellow smelly discharge.

Melanoma Cancer

Had a mole left topside of back .As a few years passed noticed pain keep getting greater. scare stretched open soft skin within two week time got hard, rough time breathing, like flu lungs ,no energy Pain got so extreme doctor kept letting me go.Got so sick went to Dermatologist, Biopsy Melanoma Cancer. Huge tumor Doctor done surgery, worry if it went some where?
—Guest Linda

using all of my symptoms

I have lower back hip and leg pain for over a year and now today have black stools I'm tired all the time using my symptoms what could it be?
—Guest vickey

is this cancer?

dizziness,shortage of breath,lose of breath,sudden weight lose,pain in the kidney,thickening of the stomach and nausea
—Guest thobby

response soon

i have severe headache in the internal part of the head which is so sharp many times which pains a lot nd i feel helpless , sometimes lymph nodes also occurs in neck but soon disappear within a year nd bleeding from fingers without hurt or cut
—Guest pooja


i have pain in both side of neck,, i fill there some problem
—Guest neetu

Something Wrong

fatigue, rash, sores that wont heal, urine that smells of tuna fish urine
—Guest jae barnes

possible cancer on face

small pimple on face open it then wont heal 3 spots not on both side of face localized but looks like a rash
—Guest robert

possible cancer on face

small pimple on face open it then wont heal 3 spots not on both side of face localized but looks like a rash
—Guest robert


fir the past two months noticed my right breast look funny, pulled in , should i self test for a lump it is to sensitive. My right shoulder started and went for physio, but the pain in the shoul is still sore when moving it. I am very tired all the time.
—Guest Jannet

Non-hodgkins lymphoma

symptoms were weight loss and small firm lymph node swollen to around marble size in groin area.
—Guest jennifer


hello, i have feel in one month some tumor near of my Larynx i have a treatment but doctor told me that it is not a cancer because Cancer Tumor is increasing & Feel some pain in it. But i have no pain & not increasing tumor. I would ask a Questions of every doctor in the world It`s tumor is not a cancer and not a cancer category this tumor is what? Please give me your feedback i am just awaited your Priceless suggestion. thanks
—Guest Jasson Thomas

Feeling cancer

My name is Yaugoob from Maldives age of 38 men.i had bad feeling underneath of my feet cause i have got broken bone early age which is fifteen years ago.now i started sharp pain around the area specially when i am at rest. In Maldives there is no facilities to check for cancer. If want to just check cancer i have to fly India directly. i hope to hear soon and happy new near.
—Guest Yaugoob


family home I am physically unable to do anything as I a physically disabled for days. I am using proladone but have found that I have rectal bleeding and acute stomach pain. I am also having a lot of mucous discharge and inability to retain the suppository. I have problems breathing, and am now unable to have free movement. Between the chronic nausea and the disabling back and stomach pain, I am finding it difficult 2 continue living. Please help me as I feel that I am unable to live independatly any further. This has been a 30 year cycle of pain, and I was forced to leave my employment as I cpould not cope any further. I did have a benignm microadenomia, and have had some lump in the lung tissue.please help me
—Guest patand145


Feeling tired all the time no matter how much I sleep and seem to get light headed alot which leads to falling over or me having to sit down also I get out of breath quite badly and I takes me a good few minutes to get it back
—Guest Callum

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